The Hunt for Saberlane

A separate place for theories or other information in our hunt for the missing Saberlane.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • He went missing after casting the Wellspring (the Aliquary went with him?)
  • Matt said Sabes had health and memory issues
  • Sabes told Matt he knew what was going to happen - and also that he had other memories of his future
  • His kids believe he will be back

Theories so far: he went to the same place/time as our focuses.


Those issues he described were wild. Like time going backwards and such. Have you guys experienced any sort of temporal magiq before? I’m not sure it’s memories as much as experience…


Here’s the card for today. Sorry to keep posting these, I doubt there’s any true connection here, but I’ve always found that when I’m not sure how to solve something, this can help me think about it differently at least, or helps me ask questions I didnt think of before.

You think a card like this describes Saberlane? Just trying to get a feel for the guy, other than that he was real nice to me.


He was an Ebenguard through and through - a protector, even when it meant risking himself. As you saw.

He was a mentor, a friend…

Let me rephrase. He IS. I refuse to believe he’s gone or unreachable.


Do we know any spell that could possibly track a certain magiqal signature? We may still have some “residue” from the broken pendant that could help track the Aliquary maybe. Where Aliquary is = where Sabes is?


After what we learned using Peering Arts regarding Ascender, as important as it was, I’d be reticent to do something like that again. I’d much prefer to presume he was transported somewhere currently out of our reach, keeping hope that he might open a door sometime down the line to say “hi.”

We’ve already had one Mountie confirmed blown to the six corners, I do not want confirmation that it happened to anyone else


I agree with Ashburn there. I feel like Sabes is pretty capable and if there’s a way to get a message to us he’ll find it.


I hate to say this but…as anxious as I am to know what happened to Saberlane, I’m not sure we fully know what happened to magiq after the spell we cast on Saturday. Have the rules changed? Did we anchor it enough to keep what was left? Is there even anything to draw from? Before we get more answers, I don’t know how much big spellwork we should be attempting…


I agree that trying something else major so soon is not a great idea - but we have so little to work with. I just want to do… something.


Let’s wait. Gods that feels terrible to type.

We need to figure stuff out before we go playing with magiq and hunting. Maybe Sabes left some clues; if he really was aware that this, or something was happening, we all KNOW that’s the kind of guy he is. There’s something out there, at AG, or in some of his last posts, or maybe even at home that will help us find him.


I agree that we don’t have any idea of what state this world - or any other? - is in. So it could be risky, and I presume he wouldn’t want that either. I’d like to fiddle with it though as we go along and learn more about the state of things. I think keeping it in mind as we go along might sharpen what we pay attention to?


I have to agree with @Tinker here. Saberlane was a friend to us all, the foundation this community sat on. Using magiq right now is just too dangerous, though, until we find out more about how magiq works now in this new Book.


It makes sense - let’s not do anything rash.

We can at least use this thread to post any relevant info or theories we get from our foray into this new Age.


No word from Saberlane, and no word at all about the Silver. Coincidence? I think not. :cjtea:


I have a thought, it’s not casting per say, but we could try scrying for Sabes? (I say we, but it would really have to be @Catherine) The pendant that held the aliquary would be perfect for it to.


Oh the pendant… That’s a great idea. I thought about scryung but I wasn’t even sure what to ask…

We’ll wait for Catherine.


I’m thinking start with locational scrying, just pull out a world map and see if it leads us anywhere.


I have a black obsidian mirror. If you want him found really badly, I can do it.

Using the thing comes with a price though. Needless to say, its been collecting dust.


I think we should start with the less costly/risky routes before we consider that.