The History of the Kaldwile family

(-Due to Helios’ finding and copying of John Kaldwiles Military Log, I will now release the kaldwile family history. This ties into my character backstory and a potential future storyline. That is, if Cjb decides to give me the go ahead to use it as the scenario i got from the secret society pin.)


The kaldwiles began their existence as a family of farmers in germany during the 14th century.

While their early days are not necessarily well known, there is one particular story from that time that points towards their sudden appearance in the german magiq community. It is said that one of the young kaldwiles, presumably one of the sons, had been playing on their property and they came upon an old stone tomb. While not known to the young kaldwile, who’s name has been lost in time, he had come upon the resting place of an ancient necromancer, and had woken him.

It is said that when the boy left the tomb, he held a book. It was old, leatherbound. The cover supposedly had all kinds of dark symbolism and engravings on it. The family were horrified, and tried to get the child to return the book. And then…… Well, legend has it they disappeared. Every single kaldwile disappeared from the property overnight. Fifteen years went by. The story of the young kaldwile and the tomb had become a legend by then, and the villagers told it as a way to scare young children away from witchcraft and sorcery.

It was late one october night, as the full moon crested the horizon of the town that five cloaked figures entered the town. They rode horses black as night, and strange things followed them. Wisps of mist; ghostly voices; the sounds of the dead. The villagers were terrified, and rightfully so.

In the next hundred years, the returned kaldwiles became more and more open, their strange magiqs catching the eye of several prominent figures of the german magiq community. They began to talk to people, help them bring back or speak to loved ones. Lovers who had lost their wives and mistresses. Knights who had lost their ladies in waiting. Children whose mothers or fathers had passed without saying goodbye. Soon, the kaldwiles were fairly well known. They held a reputation as strange and secluded, keeping to themselves for the most part. It is said this is because necromancy was still outlawed as a forbidden art, and yet nobody really tried to stop them.

Around 1942, they began to get interested in the war effort. It is said one of the Kaldwiles, Eben, became interested in the use of allied magiqs and joined the allied forces to study it. He is said to have died in the field of battle. The 60 year old was the most powerful necromancer in decades for the kaldwiles, and his loss hit them hard. They stopped their perusal of the war effort, and supposedly were attempting to cooperate with the allies towards the end of the war as allied spies.

Nowadays, their necromantic powers are less prominent, and they have learned to take on other arts as well. There are several orphans currently within the family, one of which is John of the Balimora. The current family is still moderately well known, but their influence is mostly in the world of fortune telling. Their necromantic power is long past, but they still run charity work and attempt to help those around them as best they can. It is said they still call the dead, but only if you can convince them to take notice. The necromancer blood, being as weak as it is now, only lets them do it a few times a year, and so they try to keep it to themselves.