The Guild Induction Ceremony

So, if you didn’t know, we held the first Guild Induction Ceremony on the last Saturday of May, and it was beautiful, emotional, and full of wonder.

And we’re going to be doing it on the last Saturday of every month from now on.

As I said in my Year of the Ackerly Green Guilds post post if you’d like to be a part of the ceremony, you can sign up by joining the Guild Induction group here and add this reminder to your calendar, so you don’t forget. Then all you have to do is wait for instructions here when the last Saturday of the month gets closer.

The ceremony itself is held in a secret category on the forum, and it’s easy, non-stressful, and magical for newbies and veterans alike. Also, by attending, you’ll be granted an exclusive badge and a unique forum title only available to inductees!

And there are even more secrets to come. :cjtea:

I hope to see some new (and old) faces there this month!


Quick additional note - CJB/Leadership clean out the Induction group at the end of every ceremony for cleanup/permissions reasons, so if you joined the group before the end of a month but couldn’t make it to that month’s event, you’ll need to join the group again to be included in the next round. Looking forward to seeing more inductees!


Perhaps there should be an announcement about a week in advance of the ceremony just to jog folx’s memories? If I weren’t already in the inducted crew I know I would forget month after month to join the group and be super bummed about it all xD


Yes, we can certainly drop a regular reminder a bit closer to the date!


I made sure there was a reminder in the end of the month email that went out, as well as a follow up here, but it’s always a juggle figuring out how to get news in front of the most eyes. :cjheart:

I’m working on building a “calendar” topic that can be tracked and subscribed to. Will follow up!