The Fraylily

I’d like to start by giving a big thank you to everyone for their amazing responses to the MAGIQ Affinities Campfire. The Haiku and stories are brilliant and a joy to read, I’m sure everyone agrees. I’m excited to see what you make of this week’s Campfire topic.

Remember this?

It’s a beautiful image, one that I found intriguing. It inspires me to ask what is going on here.

For example:

Who lives in these flowers, and why? Do the flowers offer some protection to their inhabitants?

Did the flowers grow the houses or were they put there?

What would the inside of a Fraylilyhouse look like?

Are the Lilies even more than they seem?

So this week I’d like to delve into the detail of the Fraylily picture and ask you to fill in the blanks.

Let’s share short tales of tiny inhabitants, and write songs of their heroic struggles to survive in the woods. Let’s paint pictures of them inside their homes. And what (if anything) is in that tree stump?


My first thought was fey. Do fey live in our world? Also perhaps the flower wards off creatures (like humans) who would harm them and that is why they build colonies around them?
Just a hunch.


I was also thinking of fae!
I was also thinking about why they’re called fraylilies, and not just normal lilies, and I have come to the conclusion that the lilies bloom with the houses and that they have a tendency to fray easily due to constant wear and tear. So they’re only temporary homes, unless you’re super careful! And tiny fae probably move into them, but end up moving out after a few weeks or months, as I also imagine fae never really settle down anywhere. It’s dangerous to stay in one place in the woods, after all. There might be really dangerous creatures in that particular forest!


What kind of creatures (Besides non magi humans) threaten the fey? Do they live in our world, or somewhere behind the mists?


The Fraylilies offering temporary protection to their host is a really interesting idea. One definition of Fey is “doomed to die” in Middle English (thank you Wiktionary), so maybe there’s a symbiotic relationship between the two. Following this logic though how would the Fraylily benefit?


The Fey could tend to it.
The flight of the fey spreads the pollen of the Fraylily…
I’m not a Balimora… I’m not great at this.


I like this idea a lot, it brings to mind the twinkling ‘fairydust’ effect shown when faeries fly.

Maybe the Fae draw magic from the pollen to help them fly, or perhaps they imbue magic into the pollen to help pollinate the lilies?