The Fragment Paper Scraps

A place to analyze and discuss the paper scraps we receive when we solve a fragment puzzle.

Fragment One: Fraylily

Fragment Two: Eye of the Moons

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I’m not great with image software, anyone want to start trying assembling these? Or does anyone know of “puzzle” software we can use online so we can all try to assemble them together? @Bash?

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Mh… for my first try I could only find two fitting pieces and the colour don´t seems to much correctly… (And I´m no native english speaker, so I am unsure if the sentence is right?)
Furthermore I think this could be more than one page or avery wide page, because we have much top border …
(Or there is text written upside down ^^)

EDIT: Added 2 KR-Pieces and assumed that this is a double page.


This is fantastic work @Crytter!

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Great work @Crytter!


Can we add in the piece from KR’s page?

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I can add it tomorrow, when I have my layoutprogramme at work ^^
EDIT: Reuploaded


That is amazing work @Crytter!

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Added the new piece…still very much missing :wink:


So we have fraylily leaves, Eye of the Moon seeds and unknown stems. Perhaps we are looking for a name of some other plant?


I took a shot at assembling the fragments with the new pieces from the vhelicorus page. It looks like we’ll need the next fragments, but we’re getting close to finishing this page!


I knew when I was done working on this it would be posted here already :stuck_out_tongue:
This is what I got as well.


Never hurts to double check things so we are glad you did it too.


Just to be complete: added the new piece.


We have all the paper scraps! The first page is complete.

Thanks @luxisdead for providing this final assembled version.

Hopefully this will help us on our first magimystic assessment on Monday!

Typed it up!

Kindly Brew for Finding Hidden Things: second draft

Pluck the leaves from a
fraylily just before dawn.
Careful you don’t disturb the bulb.

Burn a young obenhedge while still rooted.
Cut away a handful of its stems.

**Written along left margin
Twist three Eye of the Moons from their vines. Do not look into them once plucked.

Take one Siren’s Lace and rub it between your hands.
(let the seeds drop onto your clean bare feet.)

Gather the seeds and crush them with a ruby pestle.
Combine them with the leaves and stems you’ve plucked.


Toss out and brew again

Pour the herbed coffee into your preferred cup.
(preferable with a mismatched saucer)

By the light of the winking moon, with cup and saucer in both hands,
explore a deep wood for thirty-three minutes.
thirty-six minutes is best

Leave the herbed coffee on your doorstep.

Upon morning, retrieve the brew and
drink only the spilled brew left on saucer
along with any accumulated dew.