The Flinterforge accident (short story tell me what you guys think)

I wiped the sweat from my brow, my hands shaking in excitement. I could hardly believe it months of work were almost complete. I was so tired, years of research before I even started on this project were all coming to fruition. I glanced at my hands again sparks of magiq fluttering around them, the dim light from my books as the assembling runes glowed softly, almost spent with use. I looked at the table my creation sat lifeless, not yet complete. I turned the valves on my control console allowing my alchemical concoctions to flow into it, on their own they did nothing but they were a catalyst for something greater. I walked over to the table and muttered the incantations, then exhaled. The sweet breath of life shot out from my lips and into my creation. This was the moment this was it, It sat up haphazardly, what was wrong with it I thought it shouldn’t be happening like this at all, what have I done! I backed up quickly and ran for the door, it was locked from the outside, was this the end of my life, is this were I Doctor Victor Frankenstein die?



Frankenstien is such a good example of Flinterforge powers!


I like it a lot, @Alec!


Thanks guys!


I love this. All the stories relating the guilds to other historical persons is fiyaaaah!


In the original Dr F was a scientist working to defy mortality. I’m down with a more magical interpretation tho!

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