The First Night

Dear Book of Brairs,
It was late, and honestly I shouldn’t have been awake. I just couldn’t sleep, I felt restless and began scrolling through some old threads, and that’s where I first heard it. That word. Magiq.
An old online friend I had met, we had been involved in some online puzzles together in the passed so his user caught my attention pretty quickly. He said they needed a man in NYC to recover an artifact, and I didn’t know who “they” were but my curiosity won me over, and I clicked the link.
That was my first visit to the forums, and I think I left a little part of me here I will never get back.
We ended up getting that artifact, thanks to Cole, and after that we were a blur of clues and magic and wonder.
As the community shifted and grew, and as I got to know those around me, I realized I had truly found some of the best people online, my family, the Mountineers.
We slaved over your puzzles, and created art in this world we explored.
I changed so much as a person in this last year, following your call.
Thank you, so much, for that first night.

(I am gonna post more little letters to the book like this about different things specifically, but I thought I would start at the beginning)


Dear Book of Brairs,
To me you are bound in hope and wonder. You hold so many possibilites and chances, we don’t know what is within you but we know what your presence has caused, love and friendships. You have brought together the kindest hearts and the most brilliant minds I have ever met. You are filled with puzzles and prophecy, and I can’t wait to unbind that final lock.
I joined in Flora, where you showed us how to properly burn Obenhenge and wash Fraylily.
I worked with my fellow mounties in Fauna, where we labored over the tetrahydron, and unlocked mystical animals we had never heard of.
In Cosmos we learned the stars of Neithernor, and where the artifacts had been hidden.
We watched as your chosen one slayed the storm, and listened as the Cagliostro named her.
I cried over your burned pages, and spoke to Mountineers who are now mad.
We went through time to retrieve you, but you are here now, in 2017. You are here now, and you are safe.
Welcome home.


There once was a boy, lost in a sea of data. Couldn’t seem to land on his feet. You called out through the darkness, and insured the Mountineers he meet. He joined the guild of Gossmere, and walked your path of wool, he drank up all your puzzles, until his belly full.

Your pages formed a family, your magiq formed a mission, and all around the world people stopped to listen.

You are a mystery to us, that ever burning fire, your clues and riddles hath made our flames burn brighter.

You taught the boy to believe again, to reach his hand in care, you filled his heart with wonder,
And words cannot compare.

To that feeling in his belly, at every twist and turn, that fire in his eyes, that will forever burn.

Final thing? Maybe? I’m just… Really hoping the book likes bad poetry :sweat_smile: