The Festival of Guide and Guild - Day 1: Weatherwatch

Hi, everyone! This is your official reminder that @Saberlane and @Marty.60’s book about the craziness that went down last year comes out in less than a week, on July 3rd!

Anyone know what other book that is near and dear to us here on the Forum dropped on July 3rd? If you guessed “the MAGIQ Guide,” you are correct! Ackerly Green’s Guide to MAGIQ was published on July 3rd, 1956 (at least, it was in someone’s book/timeline.) As such, I wanted to take a few days to appreciate our Guilds, our community, and the weird little book that brought so many of us together when the Mountaineers first put it online in 2016. Thus, the Festival of Guide and Guild!

Every day for the next week, I’m going to post a little prompt on the Forum, one for each Guild, culminating with a celebration of the MAGIQ Guide and our little community. You can reply however you want - write a story, post a photo or an art piece, or even just write a sentence or two.

Since they’re first according to the compass, today’s guild is…Weatherwatch! Here’s your prompt:

"Onward, to the Further Fire!" Share a magiqal place you have visited or would like to travel to.

Have fun, and happy Day of the Weatherwatchers!


Hard to choose one place, but here’s 3 I’d love to visit one day:-

Cader Idris:

Northern Lights:


I would definitely love to visit the wreck of the HMS Terror/Erebus ((or really any shipwreck.))

(HMS Erebus)

As for places I’ve visited, the coast between SF and Santa Cruz has always been a favorite place of mine with some strong magiqal vibes:

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, est. 1872


I got to visit Prague a couple of years ago, and it was certainly a magiqal experience. It was part of one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I’m considering going back at the end of my study abroad program this coming spring.


A couple magiqal places I’ve been are Coral Castle and Devil’s Millhopper (couldn’t find my own pics).


I’ve been to a lot of magiqal places, and there are many many more that I’d like to see, but if I had to pick one of each then:

Magiqal place I’ve been to: 齊雲山 (“Cloud-high Mountain”), Anhui, China, which is a Taoist temple/pilgrimage location at the top of a mountain. This is just one of the buildings on the trail.

Magiqal place I’d like to go: Vienna. Honestly, I don’t have a good “why” for this one, other than it feels like one of those places that isn’t really real, it’s just in fairytales and old legends.

(Neither image is mine)


Sooo I lost most of my own pics because I’m bad at backing up my files, but my trip to Turkey a few years ago was full of magiq. Places that particularly stand out to me are the Mevlana Museum (the former lodge of the Sufi mystic Rumi and the whirling dervishes), the Goreme Open Air Museum (site of a 10th/11th century cave monastery), and the harem at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.


This is Gullfoss, which is Icelandic for “Golden Falls.” It is massive. The alien lavascapes of Iceland thrum with magiq. I’ve never felt anything like the raw elemental power of that place. Fire and ice, the midnight sun. There is nowhere else like it in the world.

This is the sun setting in Oia, in Greece. There is ancient magiq there. Fables say the Isle of Santorini is a remnant of Lost Atlantis. I believe it.

These are the sweeping vineyards of Barolo, where sunlight is translated into the finest wines in the world. If that’s not magiq, I don’t know what is.

(All of these photos are my own)


One magical place that comes to mind is the Garden of the Gods in my home state. I love going here to hike and explore. Not only are the rock formations so unique and fun to come across, but the park is intermixed with history of the Ute tribe that used to live there, from carvings on the large rock walls to fire pits peppered throughout.

Everytime I go there it’s a wholy unique experience to the one before.


I’m a bit late to the prompt, but here I go!

First one would have to be this, Canada’s Boreal Rain Forest. My older brother and I have always wanted to just go and spend a month wandering in it.

Next is the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve been diving for awhile now, but I never have had the chance to dive anywhere but in a swimming pool. I want this to be the first place I go when I get my license.

This so Ash Cave, located in Hocking Hills, one of the many state parks in my home state. I’ve been in that spot, standing behind that waterfall so many times with my family that it’s become a special place.