The Ebenguardian Creatures

In this magiqverse, its inhabitants, monsters, and otherworldly entities bear remarkable characteristics. Since we all sort of know where Ebenguard guild would be located (near the beach since the guild’s symbol is associated with tides), I was thinking about underwater creatures or creatures that live on shore. Think of this like an RPG game, what is your take on these creatures? Would you summon or tame one to make them become your own Ebenguardian familiar/pet? Describe them in a few words or sentences and let’s see what you can come up with!

I posted on another thread that I think my familiar would be a spider. Now, I want it to be a water spider that is translucent with light particles floating inside its body. Its abdomen is flower-like, and instead of weaving web, it blooms and releases multicolored dust that travels with the wind at night to attract other opposite-sex spider for mating. These water spiders are benevolent and extremely light. They usually live on the rocks of cliff that looks out to the ocean.


As I was reading this, I thought of a creature I’ve always imagined.

The real animal I can compare it to would be an otter, very similar but they look a bit different. The first name that popped into my head for it was Gensoo, so that’s what I’m going with. It has the same build and size as an otter, with the same fur properties. However, the fur would be dark blue and look almost opalescent under the water. Very playful, but amazing fisherman and can be used for fishing up dinner!


That sounds really interesting, @Lunalie! Now we have some “glowy” creatures in Ebenguard! Also, where does your creature inhabit? Is it able to live in salt water like the ocean and stream water like rivers?


Theres actually some info on the geography of Ebenguard around the forums, and I can say that we have found it to be near the beach, but Ebenrest is on a cliff face, and there is dense forest around the area as well.
Theres also quite a subterranean cave system underneath the castle itself.

As to creatures, i have quite a few in my head to write down. But please continue!

My own familiar is a little Iron Bird named Ferris! Taking the shape of a small Iron Bird sculpture in low magiq areas, the Iron Bird Species comes to life when introduced to a high magiq environment. Being able to shift between both forms, they can be great friends, familiars, and casting foci! My own Iron Bird is a Sparrow.