The Briarverse Wiki is Officially Live

Originally published at: The Briarverse Wiki is Officially Live - Ackerly Green

This is a project that @Catherine has been working on for the better part of a year; migrating, editing, formatting, and adding to the 200+ articles that were originally written by amazing readers in this community over on Fandom.

We loved having a wiki that was built by all of you, but we didn’t love all the ads and the heavy lifting Fandom required to format and maintain the site on their platform. So now the wiki lives here, on our forum!

A few things:

  • The current wiki isn’t 100% canon. Many of these entries were creating by readers during The Monarch Papers, when there was still a lot of speculation about the narrative. It’s about 90% canon and we’re working on getting it to 100%.
  • There are larger, more narrative-heavy entries that are still being edited by Catherine and our awesome community leadership.
  • This wiki doesn’t include most of the Secret Society and Search for Magiq narratives. Yet.
  • There is a separate topic to request entries that don’t exist.
  • You can reply to any wiki entry, either to discuss its contents or to suggest edits or corrections, and once you’re trust level two you can edit the posts directly.
  • We hope this will be useful for reference and catching up on certain parts of the narrative, but a wiki can’t convey all the contents of a book, and The Monarch Papers is free right now if you’re itching to do a full read/re-read.
  • We are also considering a topic with a checklist of “To Be Written” articles for those interested in expanding the Briarverse Wiki with their own writing.
  • The Fandom site will be coming down at some point simply because we don’t have the time to maintain both wikis.

Finally, when we updated the forum in January, we also included a knowledge base plugin that would organize our wiki entries into a more “wiki” style page! You can follow this link for now, and we’ll also be adding a link in the drop down menu in the upper right of the forum.


We may have some initial bugs with the knowledge base page, but the entire Wiki is now available as a category on the main page. :cjheart:


That’s so wonderful! Thank you all for your hard work getting this set up :heart: