The Balimora Playlist

For building the ultimate Balimora soundtrack.
Highlights will be featured on an official playlist!


Not Balimoran myself, but I thought I’d contribute. :cjsmile:

Losin Yo Head - Monsters of Folk
The Remains of Rock & Roll -Broken Bells
Movin’ Out - Billy Joel
No Plan - Hozier
Time to Pretend - MGMT
Half a Million (Flipped) - The Shins
You’re Dead - Norma Tanega

I am very tempted to do this for each guild…


Okay, just for the the epic insanity:

Shia LaBeouf Live - Rob Cantor

And on Spotify in case you want to listen without the epic video, but the video feels essential for the added chaos.

(and yes, I did see this years ago, the algorithm decided I needed to see it again, and it is still spectacular)


You know I knew that video existed for years but I never watched it. That was awesome.

I am legally required to add something now that I’ve gotten great personal joy from this thread. Also since we’re allowed to include visuals (which brilliant subverts the playlist idea so I approve.)

The Hu - Sad But True The music has a wonderful earthy vibe, but the video is why you don’t take Nature for granted.

Jane Zhang - The Diva Dance (from the 5th Element) - When you have the idea 2/3 of the way through something beautiful to go in a completely different, but equally beautiful direction.

Paul Williams - The Hell of It (From the Phantom at the Paradise soundtrack) For when the Balimora are feeling a bit nihilistic. For the record I have this song in my will to be played at my funeral. Those who smile or laugh are invited back to the after party later. People who sing along get a share of whatever I had when I passed.

DJ Cummberbund - Play That Funky Music Rammstein Because where some see stark opposites others see simply parts of a greater whole.