The Adventures of Clarence the Balimoran Continue!

Clarence breathed in the fresh air of the Taiga Forest. He sighed, the air here was much cleaner than the air of the dirty polluted cities that others called home. He didn’t understand how they lived in those despicable cesspits. He shrugged it wasn’t for him to judge, he walked further into the forest the snow crumpling beneath his bare feet. Unlike most people Clarence hated shoes, he wore pants because even the other Balimora had deemed it necessary, but he would much rather be in the pelts of animals. It was then he heard the snap of a twig off in the distance, and heard the breath of a human their rotting stink polluting the forest. He snarled he knew what they were here for, to murder his neighbors and his friends. He threw off his bear skin cloak and rushed towards the scent, the world blurring around him, his field of vision narrowing. The clouds gathered overhead, quickly coming to a head as a crackling storm. Thunder booming, his rage personified. He saw the poacher, his gun raised pointed at a large Elk. The elk had not yet realized the danger, Clarence leapt through the air crashing into the poacher, eviscerating him with the fury of a wild beast, then rushing off into the forest. When he awoke it was to a shaded grove of trees, covered in the blood of the hunt.


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The Adventures of Clarence the Balimoran part 3?

Clarence started to shake, it had never been this bad before, his desire to protect the wild. That urge that tugged in his heart, pulling slowly but surely. He felt a single tear fall to the ground, he didn’t like the poacher but he was still human. He studied the grove he had awoken in, these trees we’re old, solid oaks that stood a hundred feet tall. They we’re beautiful but twisted and gnarled with age, a deep hum could be heard if one listened close enough. His eyes moved on as he studied the rest of the grove, brambles and undergrowth woven between the oaks like a wall, and soft bright green moss covered the ground untouched. This place was old, very old. He felt at home here as he mourned the man who broke nature’s sacred laws, who disrespected her children. As he looked up and saw a full moon, he knew that he was at home, with the wild untamed beasts, so as he heard the howl of the wolves and the cry of crows he too joined them in their revelry, as the great chaos swirled around them all.


The Adventures of Clarence the Balimoran part 4!

Seven Months Later

Clarence walked through the snow, covered in nothing save the fur of a stag who had died in the cold a few weeks before. He shivered the ice and snow beating against his body, the only thing keeping him alive was the twisting, beastial magiq sleeping inside his soul. It parted the wind, and melting the snow as it touched him. A strange landscape stretched out before him, high peaks of stone rose above him touching an aurora of light and sheets of ice lay out before him. As he walked he saw a small grouping of lights in coming closer as he walked. After walking for what seemed like an eternity, he arrived at the edge of a small village. Clarence walked up to the nearest door and knocked. A beautiful woman answered the door, her blonde hair cascading across her shoulders and her eyes seemed to pierce into the soul of the man in front of her. “Ja?” she said with a confused look on her face. Clarence smiled, then collapsed.