Teaser - Professor Robert's next boring lecture - Monarch's Mountain

Hello there. I’ve been…um volunteered…to teach another class! This one is about Monarch’s Mountain. Saberlane is apparently up to his eyeballs in paperwork. It’s come to the council’s attentions that we have a lot of information scattered about the corners of our various libraries with no card catalog (is that a thing anymore? It should be, they were awesome.)

The topic is Monarch’s Mountain. To start I’ll be compiling a list of all the sources regarding Monarch’s Mountain I can find, then compiling them into a lecture that will no doubt be utterly riveting and not at all entirely made up on the fly by a delusional mind.

This is space is to compile everything we know. I’ll add what I’ve found so far, and if you know of some info squirreled away in a hidey hole somewhere please don’t hesitate to bring it forward. Future generations of Mountaineers will thank you.

Alright let’s boogey. (Do people still boogey? They should, because it’s awesome.)

What little we know on the current Collector: Mr. Wideawake

Aftermath of a battle between the Silver and MM. The giant armored bird, and the alleged fate of Monarch’s Mountain after the battle with the Silver (known to be false now.)

Story of how the Monarch’s found Neithernor

I can’t find the story we were told of Anne of Brittany, but we need it cause it started the path of Wool

Also, I have to compile all of Steve’s posts on Monarch’s Mountain, but that makes my head hurt right now.

I’ll post more as I gather it.

Edit: Okay Second wind

The timeline of all known Collectors

Alison Bouchard Previous Collector (I can’t say former collector or @AlisonB may call me out.)

Imala Locklear Former Collector

Constance Barrett, Former Collector

The Royal Houses of the Order

The Scriptures, Rituals, Festival and Oaths of the Order


Anne of Israel – Deeds Done The Door – Part Two – Deeds Done
Did I Say Done? – Deeds Done
Here/Where We Go – Deeds Done
These four posts mention all the bits with anne of brittany, but the last one has the actual quotes from the journals. I don’t know if there’s anything else outside of the blog though. (I got kind of obsessed with the story of her which is why I know that offhand lol).


Found the thing I kept looking for. Man this is like digging through my brain’s attic and realizing I have way too many hats.

The Monarch Papers: Volume 3. This was in the posession of Lauren Ellsworth and the Cagliostro. Story of Anne of Brittanys death, the 8 unicorn tapestries and the unknown Illumancer.


One can never have too many hats :cowboy_hat_face: