Tales of Wonder Q&A

Hey guys!

First of all, I just want to say that we are totally impressed by and excited about the submissions we’ve already received to our new short fiction zine, which we are officially re-christening “Tales of Wonder.”

That said, I wanted to check in with everyone about the submission process and create a space for you to ask and have answered any questions you might have. We know sending your work out can be scary and intimidating, and that’s not what we want for you guys to get out of this process. We want this to be an exciting opportunity to showcase your work as our friends and fellow creators, so to combat those fears and encourage more submissions, I thought it might help if you guys knew exactly what was happening on our end.

So what happens when you submit? Well, since we have a wonderfully convenient automated submission form on our website (cough https://ackerlygreen.com/submissions/ cough), everything gets streamlined into a specific section of my email that’s strictly for submissions. So when somebody submits, I get an email that looks like this:

I then click on that link, which immediately downloads your submission to my computer with a ridiculously long and incoherent string of letters and numbers as its title:


From there, I go straight to the submissions folder in our AGP Google Drive, and upload the submission file from my downloads.

Then I pretty much forget about it until CJ and I have time to read submissions.

What this means for you guys is I’m the only person who knows you’ve even submitted anything. (Somebody has to, so we can match the stories up to your names when we publish them.) However, because they download with meaningless titles and I don’t open them right away, I’d have to have superhuman memory to know which piece belongs to which person (spoiler: I do not). So I might remember that Hermione Granger sent something in, but I’ll have absolutely no idea which piece is hers when we actually get down to reading them.

So, if you were hesitant about submitting because you’re nervous that we’ll be judging your work based on the person we know you to be and will consequently think differently of you for it….well, don’t be! That’s not what’s going on at all. We’re reading them totally blind, so the only time I’ll match your name to your piece will be if it’s chosen for the zine, which will be by the end of December for the January issue.

I hope this is helpful and demystifies the process a little for everyone!! If you have any other questions about the submission process or the zine overall, please feel free to ask below in the comments or PM me :)

Happy writing!!!


what is your judging criteria for what you accept vs reject?


The official submission guidelines on the website touch on what we’re looking for thematically, but mostly we’re just looking for strong writing! If we accept a piece, it’s because the writing was clean (little or no spelling/grammar errors) and the content held our attention and imagination rapt all the way through. If we reject it, it’s not necessarily because we didn’t like it, but it might just be that we didn’t feel the piece was ready for publication and could benefit from a little more development.

I know that’s pretty vague, but we want to keep things loose for now to encourage creative interpretations. Basically, we’re looking for strong, well-polished stories with a sense of wonder about them, so if we don’t select a piece that otherwise fits that criteria, it will likely be due to the “well-polished” part rather than the content.


Will we get feedback on how to polish a piece to make it appropriate for publication in the future?


We won’t be responding to every piece that we don’t accept out of respect for your anonymity. However, if you would like feedback and don’t mind forgoing that anonymity, you can email me directly (cthoms@ackerlygreen.com) and I’d be happy to give a few constructive notes.


Psssst…we’re open for submissions again! Hopefully you all got your copy of the inaugural edition in your emails this morning and got to enjoy the rad work we got last time around.

We’ll be reading submissions for the next issue from now until mid-March, so send us your stuff!!

I’ll just leave this here…:deirdretea:


Bumping to say if you’re interested in sending work in for the March issue, the deadline for that is end of day today! Happy writing!!