Springtime Greetings

Hello @Eaves & BC34! I’ve been thinking about all of you since the weather started (tentatively) turning toward Spring here in the US Northeast. How did you all fare this winter? How has connecting with Lion’s Heart going?

We miss you all and hope to get word soon.


Springtime greetings to you!

I know we’re long overdue for a catch up, but things have been blessedly quiet, to be honest, and so there hasn’t been much to tell! We’re just living our idyllic dream here in the LH with no drama or worry outside of how to plug all the leaky roofs permanently!

But PLEASE know Gav and I check in at least once or twice a week and have been telling everyone what you’re up to. Training the castle to be chill with modern technology has been a slooooow process, but we’re making progress bit by bit, much like everything else here. Slow, steady, and safe. Now that the castle is in mostly-habitable shape and we’re able to live self-sustained (!) for the most part (with the help of Rasia and the know-how of her twelve siblings), we’ve been talking about what we want to do long-term, and how we can help in this new age.

We want to explore the history of LH, those who built it (and may actually still somewhat inhabit it, more on that later), and how it all connects to the lost age.

We also definitely want LH to be a place for those still searching for magic, but it’s a lot harder to get to than the Sanctuary was. We’re still working to make that happen, but again, slow, steady, and safe. Because adept powers and the rules of magic have changed so radically, a “sanctuary” might not be officially necessary anymore, but we will always welcome anyone seeking it.

Once we know more, about magic, about anything, I promise you’ll hear from us. And I’ll make an effort to reach out more often, even if it’s just to fill you in on the big fat quiet we’ve been enjoying.

And thank you for reaching out. It means a lot. :purple_heart:

All the love from BC34,


Great to hear from you, @Eaves! Color me intrigued about the past, potentially current residents. Can we give you a hand with some of that historical research?


Waves in Gossmere to Eaves, Gavril, and the rest of the LH crew


So very glad to hear from you all! I had hoped the quiet was winter/settling in/technology-related and am glad my hopes were correct. I must also admit to some jealousy about being (mostly) self-sustaining.

Also, how can you write the words “more on that later” without immediately writing the more?

Stop being strangers and start poking around at us!


It’s so good to hear from you again! I admit to being a bit worried, but more in a “wow I hope they’re not going stir-crazy” which I realize now was a faulty assumption since I don’t think it would be possible to get bored in a sentient, amazing castle while having to cultivate sustenance.

Maybe we can help you figure out how to fix your concrete issues like leaky roofs; if you have trouble accessing the internet regularly to find helpful instructions, we might be able to relay some info. I’m sure we could dig up methods for patching medieval stone castle roofs somewhere haha!