Sorrel's Journal

Welcome to my thicket of thought-brambles!

Some tidbits worth knowing:

  • She/her pronouns
  • Verdurant bearing Balimora :leaves:
  • I live in the PNW with a husband and some critter children of the furred and scaly sort
  • Aspiring novelist perpetually lost in an ever-expanding fantasy universe in which trees and giant serpents are Very Important :deciduous_tree: :snake:
  • Pretty crafty with needles of the sewing and knitting varieties
  • I dabble in archery
  • The Tolkien/Middle-earth legendarium is my primary fandom, forever and always. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo!
  • I love fantasy and science fiction stories in all forms
  • I collect works of mythology and folklore from different places when I visit them. Also patches for the patch jacket I’ve been adding to for over 15 years
  • I get very excited about animals I think are cute. Like reptiles, amphibians, sloths, cephalopods, and bats!
  • If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to comprehend and communicate in all languages (and not only the human ones)

I used to ask this as a question when I interviewed staff at a previous job. The strangest answer I ever got was “Minnie Mouse.” I asked what they meant by it, and they answered “I just really like Minnie Mouse.” I told them that Minnie Mouse didn’t technically have powers, and they agreed with “yeah, I know.” I still don’t know to this day if they didn’t understand the question or were playing some strange, strange 3D chess.


Upside to this week: Finally got my ears double pierced!
Downside to this week: My sewing cabinet that I was very excited about has a broken drawer track already, and the resulting chaos has made my yoga space unusable. Again.

But despite the frustrations and the general blah feelings, my writer-brain is apparently working great, because it smacked me with part of a scene and I’m unusually happy with it. It would be nice if it was something from the current timeline and not the first chapter of the “second” book in the story web that I’m years from getting to, but I’ll take it. Out of sequence words are better than no words!

I’m still pondering whether I want to share any of my actual words here or just stick to general progress ramblings. I used to share my writing all the time back in ye olde 00’s, but that was fanfic and somehow that made it easier. My story partner and I would throw together scenes during the school day, passing a notebook between classes, and I would type them up at home and post them as soon as we had a finished section. They were not great by any means, are entertainingly ridiculous now, but at the time they meant a lot to us and people we didn’t know would read and comment and want to know what was coming next. That was very motivating.

What I’m working on now takes the original characters and plot bits from that and gives them their own world where all the magic and plot is up to me. And it is hard figuring out what people want when those people and all the things stopping them from succeeding are in your own head.


Sometimes what you think is a plot problem is really a plot point waiting to sprout.


I found a little patch of my username-sake today! (And a daisy that came along…) It tastes just like I remember.

There’s a trail along the edge of a natural grown protection area across the street from my apartment and my dogs love it. So many smells! And the little one likes the buffet of grasses–she has favorite grasses that she nibbles while walking by like she’s a tiny horse. The field on the other end of the trail is a blanket of daisies this time of year. It was the first time I’d been over there since our spring weather really kicked off and I need to do more nature walks! There are some odd looking things sprouting up that I want to learn about!


Mini book haul!

I’m so looking forward to The Hidden Life of Trees! The magic system I’m building right now was inspired by the “wood wide web”, so I’m hoping to generate more ideas and of course learn about trees.

And with the BoB coming soon, it’s high time I started a physical Briarverse shelf! Also I need to re-read and fill it with reference tabs…