Some stories in the eleventh hour

There is a theory that there is only one story. All of human history, everything that ever was or is, was built upon a foundation in the past, which in turn was built upon another. And another. It’s turtles all the way down. But we know because of you that there are instead two stories. The history that is true and the fabricated one we all learned growing up. But little by little, we remembered. And we found you. Do not fear. We are all in this together.
I, and the countless mountaineers before me have tried to open you, the Book of Briars. We all have our reasons, our motives, but one thing I believe I can say with near certainty. We all are here because of you. I met countless friends throughout this journey, saw things I never thought possible, and found out more about myself than I knew existed. We, a fragmented group, many who have never even met, grew closer and more whole as we worked through every fragment. We grew more whole as you did. But now we ask something of you. You knew it was coming; you sent us clues. Open. Help us usher in a new world. We can’t do it without you.
But I suppose you might want to know my story, even as I seek yours. I can speak for the collective all I want, but mine is the only one I can be sure about.
I found you seeking knowledge. I am a Thornmouth after all. I knew there were things that didn’t add up, things I remembered differently than everyone else. I now know I sought the mindflame. I received a strange text one night from a friend. You may know him as @Remus Just a link. To Ackerly Green’s Guide to Magiq. I took the test, recalling many late nights of research that seemed to last forever, picturing moths and (awkwardly) spitting in my hand. It was worth it though. I found my guild; I found basecamp. I was greeted like an old friend and immediately found myself thrown into a tale more complex and intricate than I could imagine. I was confused and intrigued, but eventually I did a lot of reading and righted myself. I was shakily guided by you, and now it’s my turn. You are probably confused and scared, suddenly almost 15 years in the future. But we can do this. I’ve got your back (so to speak) and I know the rest of us do too.