SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Second Beacon

And we’re off.


What I believe are the pertinent sections:

On the North Wall is a small black box with a sliding device on it. There are 3 sliders held in place by a metal cleat. Each slider has eight one inch square panels, each with a different symbol.

There are three holes in the cleat that are the same size and shape as the panels. Beyell can slide the panels left and right…

One slider pattern will activate the beacon…

I’m sure everyone is way ahead of me on this, but 3 sliders held in place, each with 8 panels most likely refers to the 3 panels of 8 squares that are available in the graph paper.

With the 3 holes being these:

So intrepid Mountaineers. We need to figure out which 3 symbols should be in these 3 holes.

We may also have to figure out which of the symbols are on each of the strips of 8 as well. We do indeed seem to have 24 of them.

This work is being done in the Tiles thread, or here, I’m easy.


Barry the Bite is of the Rattican Clan.


Started searching for archway graffities, but nothing so far. There are many graffities in the City Hall station (two rats are there, too - coincidence I guess), but thats way off from our mapped area…


Might want to label this as found, @Endri


Great point @TheBellsAreRinging, I can’t keep up. :blush: