SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Newspaper Article

I haven’t seen a thread talking about this yet. It seems like something worth discussing that may have some clues for us. Also it seems self contained which makes it a nice standalone thing to discuss.

Not sure what the best way to read this is. reading this in the direction of the article leads to.

of ur clues to Brandon
abandoned in the network
use the light drawn to are intend
we he wasn’t the notes the

I suppose reading this purely left to right leads to

of ur clues the to Brandon
light the abandonded
drawn to are intend
in the we network
he wasn’t us
the notes e

Both look like they have the necessary components of a coherent thought…but how do we draw it out?

Also as someone pointed out the first word of this could be ‘four’ if we jumble the letters. This being the 4th fragment looking for 4 beacons and other 4’s is an interesting idea.


I think we need to build sentences from these words, order in article is not important. Something like:

Four clues to the light are abandoned in the network.
We intend to use the notes he drawn.


Brandon wasn’t abandoned in the network.
We intend to use the light.
Four clues are the notes he drawn.


Is it maybe four clues, as in there are four pieces of information here. They are the only ones circled instead of underlined:

  • We intend to draw Brandon to the network
  • He wasn’t abandoned
  • The clues are in the notes
  • Use the light


The last one feels wrong though.


I’ve just sent this to the Devoted as I think @Piki we’re almost there:

  • We intend to draw Brandon to the light
  • He wasn’t abandoned
  • The clues are in the network
  • Use the notes

Can’t hurt! :slight_smile: (Or can it!? :laughing:)

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@Tom Have they responded at all? It’s usually about now that they talk.

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Let me check - just logging in.

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The four lines are received.

More help is delivered.

We still need you to create the fourth element and the fifth entity.

The Devoted - 102986

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Great job! Let’s see what they give us.

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I think we have a code.

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Okay this convinces me - that page wasn’t connected to the other three pieces of writing. And these two files have the same name except for the word combination.

We’re looking for places, emotions/reactions and things - three lists?

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Might have to do with the tiles! One row is places, the next is emotions/reactions, the other is symbols representing things! We get the right place, reaction, and thing, maybe we unlock whatever it is that combo is supposed to unlock!

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Great work guys! As for the code, this is WAY out of my depth but I’ll try to help if I can.

The first thing I noticed is that there are 9 segments, yet only 3 “prefixes” to those segments:


Those prefixes are then followed by one number and one letter. Is this a way to mark positions on a map or could it be something else?

I am REALLY bad at breaking these kinds of codes, but I think this pattern has to mean something.

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Also, all of them end in either E or W. East or west maybe?


What about the prefixes? TP=top CER=center BT =bottom?

I highly doubt that’s what they stand for, but I can’t hink of anything else off hand. But you may be right about East and West.


I think that’s it - Top, Center, Bottom - East and West sounds good too.


I just thought!!! We move each row of tiles in the direction left or right (west or east!!)

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How do we tie this conversation to the one about tiles? They are definitely linked.

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