Short Fiction Zine Announcement!

We are so excited to announce the imminent launch of our monthly Short Fiction zine that will be taking on the Further Tales title. Beginning in January 2019, we will be featuring a selection of microfiction and short fiction from our community in a monthly email, and will be launching a submission forum on the new Ackerly Green site in November.

We’re looking for creative works in any genre that align with our love of speculative fiction, mystery, magic, but most importantly, we’re looking for work that shares Ackerly Green’s sense of wonder. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, even drama with smatterings of the fantastic, will all be considered.

If you are considering submitting to Further Tales, please regard the submission guidelines below. Please note that we cannot at this time offer monetary compensation for accepted works (we’re working on a compensation model for the future), but all accepted contributors will be published in our free, end-of-the-year Further Tales anthology, as well as receive online promotion on our various digital platforms.

For Microfiction submissions:

We ask that your Microfiction submissions do not exceed 1,000 words (no more than three pages double spaced). There is no minimum word count; six word stories are just as eligible as six hundred word stories. There is currently no limit on the number of submissions per cycle.

For Short Fiction submissions:

We ask that your Short Fiction submissions do not exceed 4,000 words (no more than sixteen pages double spaced). All submissions above 1,000 words will be considered Short Fiction. There is currently no limit on the number of submissions per cycle.

Keep in mind:

We will be reading and reviewing all submissions anonymously to ensure objectivity. All submitted works are expected to be as close to finished products as possible. We won’t undertake edits after a piece’s acceptance, beyond basic in-house proofing. We will be contacting those whose works we have chosen to feature, but may not be able to contact every author who submits. Please note also that while we do accept simultaneous submissions, we ask that you notify us immediately should you need to retract a previous submission for any reason.

Copyright Notice:

If we accept your work for publication, we reserve the non-exclusive right to your work’s physical and electronic distribution. However, you keep all rights to the work itself, and you are welcome to publish the same work elsewhere after it has been published by Ackerly Green.

The complete Terms & Conditions will be available on the submission site in November.

We’re so excited to read your work, if you have questions, ask below!


Just a quick update…

The submission for the zine will go live on next week, and we’ve figured out a way for us to PAY for accepted submissions!


Hey! I have a quick question for y’all. When is the deadline for submissions?


Submissions will be ongoing, but for the January edition we’re looking for submissions before the end of November. The submission page goes live tonight!


As a matter of fact,


i will be adding something in here soon.probably. January is my birth month. i must do something.


Can still submit something or is that period over?
Also does the submission have to be strictly Magiqverse related?


most of the fiction in the zine ive so far seen is outside canon, so no, it doesnt have to be AGP based.

not too sure about it being too late or not, tho.


It might be a thing where if you submit after a certain point it’ll roll over to consideration for the next issue?


that sounds like something that’d make sense.


I have this poem about imagination I made in my Creative Writing Class awhile ago and I figured submitting it would be the best way to share with everyone.


Maybe I should post it (the poem) in the “Inspired By The Guilds” category, even though I made it pre-TMP? I’m not quite sure how I’d go about posting an entire poem in one post, though as I would assume there is a character limit.


dont think there IS a character limit. id say go for it.