Secret Saberlane

Greetings Mounties! Sorry this has taken me so long! I’ve been flying around the world getting together a secret army of secret squirrels (not so secret any more sorry fellas) to help me deliver all of the goodies to everyone around the globe

If you would like to participate this year flick us a private message with your name and address this will be passed along to another Mountie. This info will stay between you and me and just so you all know I only know Australian geography your post codes mean nothing to me so I will still have no idea where you are :deirdrexd: Now a couple of ground rules;

DONT GO OVER THE TOP!! Handmade presents rule the more creative the better but we are all family here so if you think it will spark joy in someone grab it but don’t break the bank!

If you need to save on postage let me know and I will try to assign you someone closer to you (don’t worry my gift to all the Mounties is organising this all for you so no one will be shippin’ down under.

My squirrels will let you know who you have on the 6th of December to let you all know who you are paired up with!

Season greetings to all and let Secret Saberlane Begin!!!

current participants
It’s not too late to get involved :grin:


I’ve found that having a brief overview of interests, likes, dislikes, etc. has sometimes been helpful in doing similar exchanges with friends/coworkers in the past, if we get someone we don’t know as well. Is this something we could maybe include, whether in the private message or on a thread so it’s accessible to whoever draws the name?


I think for last year’s exchange we ended up posting in the equivalent of this thread. [spoiler]I say “I think,” I totally checked first. :deirdrexd:[/spoiler]


Ah perfect, thank you!


Oh yeah, totally just post in here, keeps the mystery and lets us all get to know eachother a bit more too! :smiley:

So, may as well start. Hi! I’m a huge video game nerd, love games like The Soujourn, TFT, Armello, Conan Exiles, Overwatch, story rich games such as Greedfall, A Plague Tale, and Star Wars, lots of different things (play on PC/Xbox). HUGE Lord of the Rings/Tolkien fan. Love the whole of the MCU, may have nearly cried when they killed Loki in Infinity War, though my favourite Avenger is Hawkeye (and you’ll realise why later on), and my current favourite shirt has a quote from Captain Marvel (“Sorry I’m late, was saving the Universe”). History/Mythology nut, especially ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Norse and Celtic stuff. Recently I’ve gotten into re-enactment (Viking/Early medieval), which is also cool cause I already do archery (long bow and recurve) and can’t wait to get started with demonstration stuff. Currently making myself “soft kit”, i.e authentic clothing. Should be fun, got a lot of hand sewing to do over the next month ish. But hey, I love doing crafty stuff, tried lots of them over the years, glass painting, sewing, paper crafts, metal embossing… Hugely proud of my Celtic heritage, love all things that show that off, including music. Ooo, I’m also a musician! Flautist, pianist, composers, arranger, also graduated in July from a music degree. I have a C flute, an alto flute, a baroque flute, a (ceramic) bone flute/whistle/recorder thing, and a wooden flute/recorder, all of which I use for different era music, and hopefully in the future in conjuction with my re-enactment when I can actually play/remember the music. Favourite colours are turquoise, aqua, and purple (yep, AG colours :smiley: ), though I should wear more green to bring out my eyes. Style ranges from comfy to smart casual. Jeans and t-shirt, fluffy jumpers, game/tv/movie stuff, don’t wear heels (cause I can’t walk in them), no big/bold patterns or fussy lace, just simple and understated. Prefer silver tone jewellry to gold; no idea why, but seems very me. Chocoholic (though needs not to be). Size XXL women’s, or XL men’s/unisex (UK 18-20 for referance) just in case, and shoe size UK 5.5 (cause fluffy socks will never be turned down, lol).

Edit: Thought I’d just quickly add that I have no allergies :slight_smile:


So, interests… I’m a big gamer, particularly of table top games, I collect indie rpgs I will likely never have a group for, and my dice addiction is particularly robust. Fandoms I’m generally always down for more of are Lord of the Rings (all Tolkien, really), Marvel (comics and movies), Lore Olympus, and Hadestown. As you might have guessed by the last two, I love mythology, Greek and Norse are my usual go-tos but honestly I hoard knowledge like a dragon, so… Oh! I also like dragons.

I do crafts, mostly doll customization, sewing, and scrap booking. I’m wanting to get into costume creation again, the last time I did that it was for working a Ren Faire I no longer work at, and there’s a few steampunk looks I want to have a go at. If you send me brocades or other fancy fabrics I will die of happiness.

My favorite colors are purple, crimson, and silver. A bit of a Goth, I love things that ride the line of cute and creepy, or that seem to hearken to a bygone era. (Morticia Addams is both life goals and wife goals, lol.)

Please DON’T send food or clothing. I have body image issues that are currently well controlled but I’m picky about what I eat and wear to minimize triggering an episode.


huge tailor. love writing, art, gaming. In terms of my professional life, im a musician! ^^

I play a lot of guitar, and dabble with blown instruments such as melodica, harmonica, etc.
In terms of writing, im an obsessive dnd and fantasy writer, but i also am an obsessive note-taker and planner. i received a beautiful package from cjb last year of notebooks, pens, and clothes, and the notebook and pens have become 100% the most used items from last years gifts. ive used nearly all of my coloured pens, infact, so pens would be amazing.

Other than that, i have a collection of every mounty letter ive ever received. They have a very special place in my heart, and so im always open to receiving letters.

other than that, clothes. Clothes are great. I love toques, gloves, scarves, etc. Anything warm is great.


Interest pool stuff…

I enjoy writing- I love having notebooks and pens around my apt (there are never enough notebooks), I love reading as well! A good story will keep me hooked for days on end. Stickers are a huge plus. I also play dnd! I enjoy running,climbing, dancing (many types), and keeping fit (thanks Zombies Run!).

Where I live rn its cold (and dark early, ugh), so hats and scarves would be lovingly worn and appreciated. If looking at colors, while I prefer muted/earthy colors for my clothing/belongings I will always say yes to bright colors.

Tea/coffee/mugs/related objects are always appreciated ( and, I enjoy all types of tea). Food is also always welcome. No allergies found here.

There’s lots more that i enjoy, but that covers the biggest bases! I look forward to makin’ new friends via presents c:


Let’s see… I’m just gonna write down all the wierd little things I hoard I think.
my main hobby (besides AG Forum stuff) is crocheting, and I tend to hoard crochet hooks. It is the one thing I impulse buy and don’t feel guilt for. I also just got into D&D but don’t have any dice or anything yet, so things along those lines would be useful. Although my style generally has a gothic bent, the dark colour scheme tends to go out the window for my socks. Pastels, neon colours, animals, company logos, anything. I really like all types of socks and I’m not picky. Echoing a few other people on this thread, it’s the middle of the cold season, so mittens, warm hats, etc. would also get lots of wear. In terms of colour, I normally wear black, with accents of bold red, purple, or blue. I prefer silver metallics to gold, and have a weakness for anything decorated with bones or bats.
A huge thank you in advance to whoever gets assigned to me! :cjheart:
( A quick edit because I forgot to mention this) I have no food allergies and I’m willing to try anything once. I really like tea, but I don’t react well to caffeine, so I would appreciate it if any tea I might receive is herbal or decaf. Sel on caffeine is wierd.


Hurray, I’m excited to participate this year!

I like all kinds of things, so I would really like whatever you send to reflect who YOU are - maybe some of your favorite music or tea or something you made.

In general, I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and walking around with my pup exploring. (She’s a murderbot so please don’t send toys for her - they will be strewn about the house in an unbelievable display of carnage.) I enjoy tea and coffee, but I otherwise have a lot of food allergies (harrumph). My favorite colors are teal and dark grey.

Interest-wise, I have a quest to learn everything forever. It’s an unattainable goal, but it’s so much fun to try! I’m super interested in ancient history, but I like to absorb any kind of knowledge that comes my way. It makes me formidable at pub quizzes, but it also satisfies my need to learn things.

I identify as Chaotic Good.


Definitely geeky, and pretty nerdy too, and I really like combining these interests in my crafts.
Most of my creative pursuits recently have been crochet and cross stitch (if your local yarn shop has Stylecraft Special DK, I grossly underestimated how much Graphite colored yarn I needed for my current project). I also do paper piece quilting and some basic embroidery.
I participate in a few fandom-based virtual running clubs (HP, Doctor Who, and a catch-all for the rest of them). There’s a dream relay race I came across last year that I’d like to do someday, but am currently way too slow for. :sweat_smile:
My style is pretty much jeans and tshirt most of the time, nice top and pants when I have to dress up for something. (Shirt size is large for unisex cut, around xxl for feminine cuts; basically the torso needs to be about 44" around)
More of a cocoa/tea person, not so much coffee. Pretty open to tea types, but haven’t been super keen on non-citrus fruity/berry flavors that I’ve tried.
In Florida, so items meant to warm may not get much use. :confused: Seriously, it’s like eight months of summer.

I’m sure there are other potentially useful odd and ends throughout the forum as well.


I’m very open to anything that might happen to come my way, and thank you in advance! In terms of the holidays, my roommate and I have a little tree that we need ornaments for, but the general focus is on Yule.

I am a barista by trade, and while I love some good coffee I do get a lot free, so maybe lean more towards tea/cocoa or interesting flavorings. Any coffee/tea related things are always nice though! I enjoy coconut, chocolate, raspberry, and mint for sweet things, but savory is nice too, and I’m really not picky about food.

I’m in my last year of grad school for social work, managing academics and capstone plus an internship, work, and still functioning as a person. So any kind of self-care or stress-relief stuff is appreciated - face masks, bath bombs, candles, incense, or anything that you enjoy or have found useful! Favorite scents are coconut, lavender, mint, wood smoke, or herbals.

I’m usually wearing black with (faux) leather accents, with either a bold pattern or muted jewel tone solid when going for color. Greens especially go well with my hair, though my favorite color is purple which clashes rather fabulously. Patterned button downs are always nice, usually in men’s/unisex size large. Feminine cut gets challenging to find things that are long enough. I’m perpetually cold though, so oversized sweaters, warm socks, gloves, hats (especially toques/slouchy beanie style), anything cozy is appreciated! Favorite jewelry is silver rings or earrings, especially celtic or magiqal designs.

Other general likes/themes include cats, foxes, raccoons, the moon/space, tattoos, tarot, sigils, houseplants & succulents, lord of the rings, harry potter (ravenclaw), star wars, music (alt/punk/folk/metal but open to anything), archery, art. I don’t actually have any physical Mountie merch yet, so that’s also an idea!


Whoops…I totally forgot to post my intro here (a lot of this is copied from my post last year).

For holidays, I do celebrate Christmas and like sort of nostalgic/vintage/rustic themed things. My family is also big on New Years.

I’m a graduate student studying mechanical engineering, but I’m also very much into the arts. I trained in Shakespearean acting in middle and high school, and have been a dancer since I was a smol (stage jazz → street jazz → belly dance → ballroom dance). And I play the violin, particularly Irish Fiddle style.

I also do all sorts of crafts - I crochet and sew (lots of renaissance faire costumes and some semi formal wear sprinkled into my repertoire). I tend to dabble in a lot of hands-on things - a bit of jewlery-making, a little lasercutting and 3D printing, some bookbinding, and recently I’ve picked up cross stitch. I also enjoy watercolors, but I’m not particularly good at drawing/painting so I don’t do it often.

I also like to read a lot (big surprise, in this community), mostly urban fantasy/magical realism/high fantasy. My favorite book has been “The Night Circus” for a while now, but I’ve always got a place in my heart for HP (Gryffindor for life). Over the last year-ish, I’ve fallen in love with the Grishaverse books and the Shades of Magic books.

I love to travel - I studied abroad in China in undergrad and I’m literally never gonna stop talking about it. I speak Chinese and am learning French (and attempting to learn Irish) via Duolingo…so it’s slow-going but I’m trying.

Favorite color is probably a cobalt-y sort of blue or an eggplant purple (and black…lots of black). I’m also rather fond of rose gold or other unusual metal colors. I’m open to pretty much any genre of music, but I tend to listen to hipster/indie music and my old punk standbys. I don’t watch a TON of tv, but I love a good cheesy RomCom or a costume drama. And I’m a sucker for a Robin Hood or King Arthur adaptation.

Mostly I’m excited to get to know more Mounties this coming year!


I’m ready to send it off!


That absolutely looks like holly. :laurensmile:


welp, turns out i was missed XD see yall next year!


I’m so sorry, I didn’t see that you had commented on this thread :disappointed: if I had I would have gotten you to PM me your details


Nbd, life goes on ^^; as i said, next year!


Sending today!!


Mine’s on its way out too! (If this line ever ends :cagsko:)