Secret Saberlane Gift Unboxing 2019

The season is here
And by Saberlanes decrees
The Mounties are all ready
Even Steve has come here

The squirrels have scattered
The parcels have been sent
Now all there is to do
Is discover where they all went

Each gift was selected
And packaged with care
Now for you all a place
For your pictures to share


My gift got here! I’m an impatient lil sprite, so I opened it post haste. HOWEVER, I did slow down enough in my childlike glee to take pictures!

The package had a cool pattern! (Edited to remove addresses)

:notes::mermaid: Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?:mermaid::notes:

Dragons! The stickers are super puffy. And adorable.

Postcards from Hogwarts, Hogwarts Hoggy warty Hogwarts! I collect postcards, so this is amazing.

Hand for scale. I don’t know what I’m going to put in here, but I love it.

I also got a lovely little note, with a drawing of Mjolnir. Thank you so much @Eden!


I opened mine this morning before running out the door and promptly got distracted by travel and Star Wars.

So here’s the back so I don’t have to edit addresses

And the insides!

MAGIQ NOTEBOOK :spiritseergimme:

And a funny on the back of the card

Thank you so much, @Fox!


So, I was woken early (for me) this morning to the postman with a parcel. Thought it might have been my candle, was very confused by the amazon parcel, but thouroughly thrilled when I realised what it was!!!

The mushroom is sage and lavendur lip balm (I adore lavendur btw), and the stone at the bottum is a worry stone. I love dark chocolate, and although orange is my favorite, hazelnuts are a close second, so can’t wait to try it (though 9am is definately not okay to do that, unless it’s Xmas day, lol). Thanks so much @Tinker!!!


I’m so glad you liked it!!! I had so much fun figuring out some stuff you might like :smiley:


Sorry it’s taken a bit, but I’m finally home from the mess that is family christmas and was able to get some good pictures of our tree. These darling hand-made ornaments made our little tree so much more festive, and I’ll probably be keeping them around the apartment even after holiday decorations are taken down, they’re so cute!! The bath bombs will also be so perfect after a long day, and they’re some of my favorite scents in mint, lavender sage, and chai - though the center one required some strategic censoring to keep forum-friendly. I’m guessing by the amazing yarn work and Florida address that these are from @Ashburn? Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! :eaveshug:


I got my Secret Saberlane gift! When I first started to open the envelope (not pictured because my envelope-opening skills are more akin to violent shredding), I smelled the most wonderful spiciness. Mmmm!

All the items were wrapped individually except this darling ornament:

So I even had extra suspense for what was inside! I opened the yummy-smelling package first - tea! So now I’m boiling some water to test it out. There’s even a super beautiful handmade doily that I am trying to find the perfect place for in my apartment. The most magiqal piece is the necklace that was made by an old man who traded it to Sel for a hat. Best origin story ever!

Thank you so much, @Sellalellen! I can’t wait to listen to your custom playlist :heart:


I’m glad you liked it! :cjsmile:


We’re obsessed!!! Yesterday was the first day back in the office after the holidays and this was such a joy to come back to! The painting is stunning, the glitter bottle has already brought @CJB endless entertainment, and we can’t wait to try out the teas!! Thank you so much, @Amruneth!!

And thank you @Fox for your sweet holiday card as well!! So much love for you all, thanks for a fantastic start to the new year! :cjheart:


Wow that’s a lovely photo! So glad you like it, finding and making everything was an absolute joy! :blue_heart:


I’m so glad you like them! [spoiler]And once again, crochet reveals my identity :deirdrexd:[/spoiler]
I meant the pocket fox to be an ornament too, but it definitely came out a bit big for the average tree. :joy:


If we had a full-size tree it would have worked, but our little 3-foot tall one wasn’t quite up to the challenge… she’s been hanging out on my bookshelf instead!


The coasters are gorgeous and so on brand, and also, how did I live this long without realizing how perfect a French press is for brewing loose leaf tea?!

We’ve been using it every day since we opened it!


@CJB @Catherine This is amazing! Thank you! I wish I could hug you or something right now.

I attempted to do a fancy Instagram type spread but I don’t know how well it turned out.
But back to the gift! The yarn was on the very top of the package as I opened it, and I have so many ideas for projects already, but I also want to hoard it and never use it because it’s pretty as is. And the dice! Agh they’re so pretty I’ve just been pushing them around in a little pile and admiring them. Most of my family is confused, Dad is worried because he senses that this is the beginning of a full on dice collection I’m going to “accidentally” make. And the Socks! Candles! Tea! :cjheart: I only learned what Hygge was last week, but this package embodies that.
I’m currently cycling between “don’t touch the nice things, just admire them so they last!” and “Touch everything! Have a bath and tea and crochet and do everything right now!”
Edit: Do Everything has won over. I’m going to use the new yarn to make a dice bag, while drinking tea and wearing new socks.


We’re happy it finally arrived and we’re SO happy you enjoy your hygge package!


Ah yay!! We had such fun picking everything out and I’m so glad everything finally got to you!!! Enjoy it all :cjheart:


woah. woahwoahwoahwoahwoah. French press for loose leaf tea?! thats… actually scarily perfect. Right, i gotta use that at one point o3o


I love the simplicity and convenience of a french press, my tea infusers have gone practically unused since getting one. So happy that you’re enjoying it, and glad I can get more people on the french press tea hype train! :deirdreexcited:


I opened this a couple days ago, but haven’t been able to post it (my phones been glitchy ugh)

Thank you so much @Nimueh !!! The note book is awesome and I love the stickers! And the pen is wonderfully heavy in my hand I love it so much !! (Been writing with it all day!)

Also the wax stamp was super cool omg


Oh I’m in a similar boat…got my package from the post office and then got swamped with some life things and never posted pictures. I’ll post when I get home from the office today!