Second Ackerly Green letter

It’s a slow morning so I figured I’d throw out that Deidre posted a new letter from the old days of Ackerly Green publishing a few days ago.

I’d love to tell you what’s in it, but I can’t make heads or tales of the cursive other than a few words here and there. But here it is anyway.


I think I got it.


I have been exploring the post-war world and only now have sat down to read the letters chasing me around the globe. Regarding Sylvia, it’s a terribly fine match and there are no hard feelings on my end. For(?) the old man’s choice. I’ve always said you live a charmed life. Truth is I’ve had an idea that might, with some effort, benefit all of us. If you’re intrigued (I know you love a mystery) meet me at the mountain house on my birthday.



Beat me to it. I was just typing it up myself.

First, I think that says Nor the old man’s choice.

Second, I think it actually says Regarding Sylvia, rather than Sylvie.


You’re right, I think it is Sylvia! Updated the post.


“Regarding Sylvie(a), it’s a terribly fine match and there are no hard feelings on my end.”

Did Grey Ackerly have feelings for Sylvia, or did they possibly date prior to Warner and Sylvia?

“(As) for the old man’s choice. I’ve always said you live a charmed life.”

I wonder if this might have to do with Grey’s father leaving the printing house to Warner instead of his own son.

“Truth is I’ve had an idea that might, with some effort, benefit all of us.”

Is this the beginning of Ackerly Green Publishing?!


I think it’s nor the old man’s choice, but it doesn’t change the meaning much


So after reading it again… Is this sounding like Sylvia married Warner Green but there was something between her and Grey before that? I wonder who “the old man” is? And Grey had a mountain house - is that a coincidence that we’re Mountaineers?


I think the old man would be Grey’s father, who left his business to Sullivan instead of his own son.


If that’s the case then perhaps Sylvia isn’t a female after all but a stick at Sullivan…like a nickname meant to demean or insinuate the person in reference as being less then/nothing more then a bother? After all he does mention there are no hard feelings and that it was a fine choice for the old man (which makes me think old as in retirement)…I’m thinking this letter, if we view Sylvia as means to demean another, in that light then this entire letter could potentially be completely about/in reference to the business/not having it handed down to him. His reference to saying Warner led a charmed life could mean he still got to stay with the company and so didn’t lose out on anything despite how the business deal turned out. Or it could be a reference to not only that but also to the fact he also has the opportunity to potentially further benefit from Grey’s idea.


Or if Sylvia is in fact Sylvia and not a goad at Sullivan I don’t think Sylvia married Warner…or perhaps she did but even so I don’t feel this letter would be about that…sure Sylvia is a woman’s name and Meredith is a woman’s name and the idea of competition between two women often bring a on thoughts of a squable involving a man especially when men are involved but from the way Warner signed off on his letter to her saying towards rhe end “miss you terribly old friend” I don’t get a feeling as though there were romantic relations/interest between at leas Warner and Meridith…no from comparing the context of the first letter to the second (and again I’m just assuming/supposing) I get the feeling as though Sylvia was given a position job wise as opposed to status of being a spouse…also due to the bit that about having an idea that might benefit them all…that part sounds more like a business endeavor, something that took more calculated and careful consideration…if that makes any sense?


Perhaps if Sylvia did inherit the business it is because Sylvia and Meredith are sisters…


Did a little more digging. According to this post: What We Know About Ackerly Green Publishing Sylvia was an illustrator at Ackerly Green Publishing who ended up marrying Warner (making her Sullivan’s mother and Deirdre’s grandmother). The letter makes it sound like there was a bit of a love triangle at some point.


Oooo okay…after reading that all my thoughts were irrelevent and moot… (Though not bad in reasoning given I had zero background info…maybe an alternate universe plot could be written from that lol)

Ackerly’s father gave Warner the company. Shortly after becoming the head of the business he hired Sylvia. So there was no love triangle…because at that point and time Warner and Ackerly still hadn’t met up…this letter just seems to be nothing more then a precursor to Ackerly and and Green’s eventual joining in partnership to form their joint business which ultimately failed.


I wrote “What we know about Ackerly Green Publishing” and it was all based on information we and Ascender had gathered over the years. We didn’t know much about Warner (or Grey’s) history with Sylvia. They may very well have known her prior to Warner hiring her.


I remember the last letter, I sort of leaped into it, expecting some “hidden” message to be laced amongst the cursive to no avail. It’s sort of nice approaching this new one as merely a letter, and instead focusing more on the content of it and not what might be there (or just in our heads).