Searching for Wells

Have you never wondered why you have found yourself circling all manner of magiq most of your adult life? It’s because you are what we call “a Well.” You haven’t been circling anything. It’s been circling you.

  • Theodore Fallon

Wells. Rare pieces of the world from the time before. People, places and objects that radiate magiq, and in turn, draw more magiq to them. Our friend, Martin Rank and the Morgan Library are only a couple that we know of, but there are more, hidden across the globe. A fleeting feeling of disorientation entering a deeply magiqal room. A memory not belonging to you, passing across your mind the first time you hold an object. These are signs a Well is near.

This is a place to share any encounters you have had with Wells (as either adepts or as mundane folk) and to share advice on what do do, if other Mountaineers come across others in our travels.


I believe the Crimson Hall from Cags last show may be a Well, and in turn so would grand central station. There is a local museum that is full of artwork and artifacts that I believe to be a Well. In Philly I believe that I have located a few Wells and in New York I suspect the Library…

In fact when I visited the NYPL I was struck by how much magiq I could sense there, it was like everything crackled and pulsed with energy… Next time Im there Ill be sure to take notes.

As for Triplets Bridge…? Maybe.