Robert's Journal / Random Thoughts

I figure I can use this as a place to put things so I can get them out of my brain.

These were originally ideas I pitched to an artist friend of mine to start a line of t-shirts. Never went anywhere but they still amuse me so for what it’s worth here they are.

From the office of the Arkham Patent Office’s slogan rejection file.

Innsmouth Modelling Agency - “We’ve got the look.”

Miskatonic Astronomers Society - “The stars are always right”

Local High School’s football team, The Nightgaunts - “Never saw us coming”

Arkham Day Care - “Leave your little ones with our Old Ones”


WANT. Humbly proposed alternate that needs work, “Miskatonic Astronomers Society: The Stars Gaze Back.”


That’s way better than mine, actually. :slight_smile: