Richard Churcher 1681

So I don’t think I saw much discussion on this latest person on BurrowintheFray. I know y’all found a connection to Trinity Church, and looks like there is a Richard Churcher burred there, one of the oldest graves there. Earlier someone posted this link: and you can see the grave’s there.
Also; have we gotten down to why KingRabbit’s insta keeps tagging the Civic Center? I’m wondering about tangents and connections, and I haven’t seen many questions raised about this yet. I don’t want us to loose steam right as I join on board, hah.


Hmm . I dunno but it seems like graveyards in New York matter but I’m more curious about this post and specifically the literal key it has on it.


Mind expanding/ clarifying what you’re thinking?


I might be wrong but all the people were buried in or dealt with New York I believe.

The cemetery where churcher was buried as well as a few others were having artistic headstones and things removed and moved to a Museum. In that article about the movement there’s a picture of a mortuary key with writing on it.

The key looked like it fit the design of the BoB to me. Dunno if it matters but it may play into kr’s puzzle.

Also have we tried overlaying the grave sites on a map yet? It might bring us some clue.


So just to throw in the answer to one question you asked. The reason the last few KR instagrams were tagged with Civic Center was because that was the location of his 4th keyword we were looking for. It was the location of the abandoned subway station.

Each of Kr’s 4 keywords that were required to unlock the 2nd fragment took place in a different part of Manhattan. Each clue was tagged with the location of that key word. It helped us narrow down the search.


I’ve created a map of locations in New York that have come up in all the research ( see The Mountaineer’s Map of New York forum topic)

It’s a work in progress, as I haven’t read through the entire forum yet. I’m gonna go look at Trinity Churchyard tonight before I turn in.
Anything you think I should add, I’d be most grateful for any info to fill in the gaps.


This is so helpful - with all the moving parts it’s easy to miss stuff. Thank you :slight_smile: