Review Request: The Book of Briars & The Briar Society: Chapter 1

Hi Mountaineers!

With big book releases comes the rare occasion that I ask for anything but your enjoyment of the Briarverse and this community.

The Book of Briars and The Briar Society: Chapter 1 are now both available on Amazon and Goodreads, the two places I try to never visit so I can avoid reviews, but also the two places that can make or break a new book for readers like us.

If you were a member of the ARC for The Book of Briars, experienced The Briar Society: Chapter 1, or read either or both and have an opinion you’d like to share about them–

I would love if you would follow one or more of the links below and do just that.

I can’t offer anything but my gratitude, literally in the legal sense, but a solid number of reviews are the first step in many new readers deciding to join this community which helps keep Ackerly Green alive, and that’s a pretty good thing, I think. :cjheart:

The book pages are linked below. Again, thank you so much!




I’ve heard from a couple of readers that have posted reviews, and I can’t thank you ENOUGH.

And @BrokenVoid, you didn’t say anything, and I hope you don’t mind me spotlighting you, but I saw that you left reviews for both new books, and it means a lot to me. Thank you.

I know many of you are waiting on your physical copies of The Book of Briars, and once I have the final proofs in my hands, I will immediately place those orders with my printer. I should have the proofs sometime in the next week to a week and a half.

I appreciate your patience while I kind of grovel and plead for the next few days. :cjheart:

Reason For Groveling:

The first few weeks of a book’s release are crucial because it’s the time that sites like Amazon figure out the “worth” of a book. Reviews are one element that tell sites if they should show the listing to other shoppers and who it should show it to. After the first month, Amazon, in particular, doesn’t consider a book “new,” and that window of “organic reach” to other potential readers ends.

Having said that:

Exciting News:

I can’t offer anything in exchange for your reviews, but as a show of thanks to those taking the time to help, I’m re-opening the Advance Reader Group and making it a real “street team” to help with future releases.

Membership in the group grants you access to early copies of future books and an exclusive virtual badge to wear with pride on your profile:


A star because, you know, starred reviews, also, gold stars as a token of :+1: , also you’re all stars to me! Isn’t that little face adorable?!

Membership Requirements

The only requirements for membership in the Advance Reader Group are:

  • You’ve left a recent review of a Briarverse book somewhere online, either with major retailers or with sites like Goodreads. (I’m happy to take your word for it because I really really try not to read reviews.)
  • You agree to offer your thoughts on early book copies, and—
  • You agree to share a helpful review when future books launch.

That’s all!

I’m going to keep the group smallish for now since I’ll be managing it myself, but if you request access and the group is at capacity, I’ll keep a waiting list for when members don’t have the time to read or share reviews and swap you in!