Reverse Scrying

So, this has come up a couple times for me the past few days. I’ve done this type of magiq before, though I didn’t realize it at the time…or at least didn’t have language for it.

Usually scrying is done to find an object, person or place yes? Well, reverse scrying would be for an object, person or place to find the caster. Connecting with the inherent spirit in whatever is being found calls it to the caster instead of the other way…around. (I’ll never give up the opportunity for a good rhyme)

This thought has been persisting because I’m in a bit of a pickle and I wanted to throw it to all of you because, while I’m very new here, I find a comfort in being able to connect with everyone and share thoughts that I’d otherwise abstain from.

Essentially, I’ve uprooted my whole life recently to go on an adventure. I was supposed to go to Mexico with my partner but…space and time changed that. So I’m staying with my Mum right now, whole life in a backpack and itching for adventure. I’m comfortable and have space to think right now (I mean it led me to all of you so there’s that) but I’m trying to figure out where to go next before I get too complacent. I was thinking that although I, myself, do not know where to go…perhaps the place I’m looking for might.

I had been contemplating writing an incantation and constructing a spell form but I was curious on input.

Let me know what you all think :heart:



If you visualize the type of place you want to go or imagine the sensations you want to feel when you get there, you could draw attention to yourself from the right place. Do you expect the weight of only your backpack and humidity pressing on you as you walk through a forest? Will gravity pull down on you in the dry heat of a desert while rock climbing? Will crumbling temples or gleaming architecture fill your view? Is it going to be salt-spray days on soft, sandy beaches? Find the feeling and push it out so the right place can push back.


I Love this. Especially what you said at the end, find the feeling and push it out so the right place can push it back.

My only conundrum is I don’t really what kind of environment. Maybe I could focus on the feeling of the adventure itself?


I know I’m not helping, but How do you perform a scrying spell. I need to find something, but I don’t know how to cast.


Scrying is sort of a form divination. Except, it’s attempting to locate something or someone or sometime specific.

It can be done with a pendulum over a map, through a crystal, a bowl of water…

Reverse scrying would be like saying “hey object, person, place! I’m looking for you! Maybe you could look for me too!”

Edit: Pendulums can work for finding smaller things. Or perhaps a charm or incantation can help with the rest. Sometimes faeries may help you find something but you might have to coax them with sweets and shiny things :heart:


Just wrote this little cantrip that was inspired by something @metatomato shared here

Truth and Calling in the night
Wisps of smoke, hear my plight
In and out and around again
Let the Magiq art begin
I seek what’s sought, deep within
The turning of my fortunes whim
To grasp and play with wing’ed thought
Three bells ring I teach you taught
I hear the chimes they land and stay
Let it go and fly away.


This is great. I’m glad I inspired you.


I really like these insights! I hope it’s welcome to build on the concept of reverse scrying since this post seems to cover two topics: this type of magiq and also some adventurous contemplation in your life, @WizardAstraz.

First, I love your idea of asking the place that’s seeking you for a message. That’s brilliant. For the purpose of my own travels, I got a tiny silver globe last year (smaller than a dime) to keep on my altar. I asked it to help me begin my travels, and later that year got my first passport and crossed the border! Small steps, but still big for me.

Secondly: personally, I know scrying to be receiving messages from an object, and while often used for locating something or someone, it isn’t necessarily limited to that.

For example, in my tarot practice, I learned to scry as a way of receiving deeper insight into the cards I’m reading. Therefor, I feel like reverse scrying could mean imbuing meaning into an item. This could be useful for making talismans (like my globe) full of energetic power. :woman_shrugging::sparkles::crystal_ball:

WAZ, you also mentioned potentially focusing on the feeling of the adventure itself— I think that’s totally aligned with this affinity. Similar to the feeling of focusing on a question before choosing a tarot card. I like the way you think!

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Thank you for this! I never thought of scrying deeper into something for insight. I Love that, thank you!

Ya, I realized that with feeling the sensation of adventure I had to face some fears that were barring me from it. Things that I was afraid to let go of.

I was actually going to write something in the thread going on about in/out world personas. I feel like I finally admitted something to myself today that I have been terribly afraid to.

I feel like i was able to let go from reading The Monarchs and spending time here with all of you.

So thank you one and all for that. When I finish my next post I’ll link it here. :kissing_heart:

Edit : We’re both on that thread already but for continuity sake :heart:



Awww this is the best! (I read the other post, too) I’m so happy you’ve suddenly come into this place where you feel so able to be your full self. You’re a delight already! I really look forward to getting to know you and your magiq in days to come :blush:


@OolongCorvid and I just chatted in person about this and zie pointed out that an object finding you when presented with a force to locate is a bit like summoning. That got me thinking about the idea that when you’re scrying, whatever you’re seeking is actually summoning you closer or deeper… :tinfoilhat:


That’s an interesting idea… I would never have thought of it that way.