Returning Magimystic Words

Once upon a time, the Book of Briars gave some of us Magimystic words of power to aid us in our quest.

We now return the unused words to you in the hopes they aid connecting your past and your present selves.

We ask for nothing in return for these words. May their power and strength nuture and support you and aid you however they can.

My word is “Cartocrasmucatalystic”.



As a reward for your valiant efforts you’ve been granted a magimystic word you may use while in search of the next key. If you choose to exchange the word for a clue you must send it to The Book of Briars. Within a day’s time you will have a response.

The word is “Evidemantelismous.”

Use it carefully and remember… many magimystic words contain hidden perils."