Hey all,

I wanted to take a moment to see if we could catalog our resources we can pool together for future puzzling. It can be tricky to remember who has experience with what, and it might be easiest to have a place of reference, so someone can be quickly tagged if we think they have a good shot at filling in a blank.

This could be anything from tech, to personal experience, to knowledge.
I’m only just joining in on this and starting to post, but I’ve been going through things trying to read everything that’s happened so far; while doing so I noticed there have been a few things that have been a road block thus far, which is where I got this idea.

Hopefully we can find a convenient way to organize this as we build it, so it’s not it’s own scavenger hunt.

I’ll go first I guess, to show what I’m thinking of:


  • UHD laptop- I saw screen res was an issue before, so I’m hoping to help out in the future, since my laptop for animation work has best possible current display capability. I can also download software we need for processing images. I also have a pretty good eye for color detail, so I hope to be helpful in spotting minute changes.

Knowledge/Life Experience:

  • Conversational fluency in German, Latin experience. I can speak German decently well and have an easy time working with it, which with some of the word roots were working with, maybe I can be of help? I also have some background with Latin, which might be of use later.
  • Personal background with Magic. I come from a family that has long believed and worked with the belief in magic, so if any of this is bleed over from the change that happened, my heritage of Irish and Celtic magic might be helpful?
  • Artist.
  • Basic HTML and Java knowledge. With all of these hidden clues in URL and websites, maybe my ability to sift through code could help?

Sorry this was rather long, but maybe having a reference for this kind of thing could help us out?
Let me know what you think, and thanks for taking the time to read that.