Registration for The Briar Society is [Closed]!

[EDIT: 2/20/20
Registration is now officially closed thanks to an absolutely incredible turnout! We realize that not everyone who was interested was able to reserve a place this time around, so the link to join is now a link for the waitlist! We will send email updates if there are any changes to availability throughout the season, so make sure you’re using an email you check regularly to sign up for the waitlist!]

Hey all!
If you’re on our mailing list you should be getting the email soon (if you haven’t already), but just wanted to restate here that registration for The Briar Society is now officially open for the next 24 hours ONLY!

Early enrollment was hugely successful and we only have a few more spots available, so we’ll be closing registration again this time tomorrow. We’re extremely excited to begin this new chapter with everyone in March, so if it’s something you’ve been considering, definitely don’t wait! We’d love to have as many of you as possible!!

You can read more about it and sign up with this link, and as always let us know if there are any questions and we’ll address them here and also at this month’s Community Hangout on the 26th!


Oh I thought joining in with the story was free? I wasn’t aware there was a paywall to participate in the books :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Dang, before I get paid too lol Well, I hope registration gets opened up again because I can’t afford it currently.


Just this one specific offshoot, the main story is still here. :laurensmile:


Is the B and Key really only for a fully paid year only? Will it be available for purchase later on? Do those who enrolled really early get one on monthly?

I’d switch to a full paid year, but I don’t think I have it in my budget.


From how I understand it, interactive experiences like Search for Magiq will still be free on the forum. The Briar Society is a more intense, more strictly immersive experience, and that will be by subscription. The out of world community will, of course, be free and openly accessible. This allows for different levels of involvement, but doesn’t exclude anyone from being part of the narratives.


If we have pins available after the enrollment ends tomorrow we plan on putting them up in the shop! :cjheart:


And @Augustus_Octavian laid it out perfectly. There will essentially be twice as much content, a non-subscription narrative on the forum, and a subscription narrative in The Briar Society. They will run parallel and also intersect. The Briar Society will have additional narrative and characters, as well as personalized immersive and interactive elements (like the fragments in The Monarch Papers.)

There will always be free ways to be involved in the narrative, but The Briar Society is a way to continue giving the level of experience I created for free with The Monarch Papers in an ongoing way while also keeping the lights on at Ackerly Green. :cjheart:


Registration for the 2020 chapter of The Briar Society is now closed! I am blown away by the number of people willing to take this leap with me. Thank you so much. :cjheart:


If it were closing tomorrow, I’d have been able to register. I am le sad hare.


Will update the first post in this topic to include this link as well, but for those interested here is the link to join the waitlist for The Briar Society! Definitely keep an eye on your emails as well, as that’s where we will send updates on availability when we have them!