Reader's Message: The Devoted Are Done and Sacha's Gone

Just got this private message from @Reader:

Remember me? The Devoted are done. Disbanded. (More like abandoned.) I reached out to one of my old friends, he said Sacha’s gone. She disappeared on the 29th. Before she left she said she’d been “brought into the fold” and her work with The Devoted was done.

I don’t know what happened to her, but she never got to make contact with Brandon. So wherever she is now, whoever she’s aligned with, don’t think for a second that she’s forgotten what we did…

Enjoy your book hunt.


“brought into the fold” … Well that’s not ominous or creepy at all.


Sacha spent 30 years looking for Brandon. She’s coming for us, have no doubt about it.


I wonder if it’s the group that had taken over the Devoted during the fourth fragment? That’s so freaky…

Still feel so bad about how things turned out with Sacha… I wish we could all just get along! :sweat: I guess we’ll see her again soon enough…