Reader Poll Question (Especially New Readers)

Evening all!

I’m currently working on the edit on The Briar Society - Chapter One novel, and I’m finessing how many details and how much visual material to include when it comes to “puzzles.”

This is something I’ve gone back and forth on, and am not sure what the general consensus is from my readers, particularly readers who’ve recently read or started The Monarch Papers.

So, to everyone who’s read (or is currently reading) The Monarch Papers, Ackerly Green’s Secret Society, and The Search for Magiq:

What level of detail would you prefer in the Briarverse interactive adaptations when it comes to "puzzles?

(I’ve made the poll anonymous so no one has to worry about choosing an “unpopular” opinion.)

  • I was happy with how much information was given regarding the solving of fragments/puzzles/complications.
  • I wanted more visual material to accompany the existing puzzle-solving descriptions.
  • I wanted less puzzle-solving detail and more of a general summary.
  • I wanted the chance to solve the puzzle myself while reading.

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This would likely create more work on your end, but it would be super cool to have the option to solve the puzzles in the book AND have the solution already discovered. The CYOA aspect - “if you want to try your hand at solving this puzzle, head back to Appendix A. If not, keep reading.”


I have definitely considered that option. My questions regarding that are:

  • Once you’ve solved the puzzle on your own in the “puzzle appendix,” does the link return you to the spot in the story before the puzzle was solved or after?
  • If before, would it feel like a grind to read how others solved it once you have on your own?
  • If after, how do I express any narrative beats that happened during the canon puzzle?

Should the puzzle appendix have some alternate version of the chapter that only has the narrative beats and not the granular puzzle solving steps? I guess that’s probably the optimal method for those wanting to solve the puzzle. The thought of tracking all that makes me want to cry a little, but it does seem like a route to try at some point. Looking forward to all your continued thoughts and votes!


If you go that route, do options 2, I think enough people will be interested in the story of how we ground through it if only to giggle at our ineptitude.

If they’re not interested they can skip ahead. I hope anyone who got this deep into the BriarVerse would be capable of I’m jumping ahead.


Or if you want to give a bit more choice, go the “Choose Your Own Adventure” route and give links to before and after the puzzle :endriwink: