Portencia's drawing and Japan?

Hey, I’m new here, so if I’m using the forum wrong please let me know and I apologize. But out of everything I’ve read, I was most interested in Portencia’s drawing. A couple of things caught my attention and although I’m most likely pretty late for this, and I bet everything I’m saying was brought up by someone else, I figured I could point it out just in case (it’s the Thornmount thing to do I think)
Well this one is pretty in-your-face, the sun in the picture is red, what kid does that? but it’s a red circle on a white background and the Japanese flag itself represents the sun with its red circle.
I first thought that the text was a haiku but then I counted the syllables and you have seven of them in all lines.
Another weird thing is that the sun has exactly 20 rays instead of 16 so we have 4 extra rays and 4 extra syllables. But I could be overthinking it.
The people in the drawing are probably representative of where different parts of her mind reside and there could be some significance to where their splits are located, but that doesn’t interest me as much. What I do find very interesting is that the house behind them doesn’t seem to have a door but it has a big window located in the cellar. It’s a very strange house, it’s only made stranger by the fact that it’s between two trees and both of them are missing the center part right now. Could this be the house made of doors?and are the doors really door doors?
“The trembling light of ukioy-e is printed on the souls of the lost and the damned.”
well, I think the drawing is Portencia’s attempt at ukioy-e, she does follow plenty of the artistic guidelines, and her name is PORTENCIA (well that’s what they call her, so… yknow DOORS) so I think she might be the one who keeps on knocking the doors for D-
I don’t know much about Japanese culture, so I can’t be certain of this, but I would like to know why the extra pieces and missing pieces, does anyone know a way to make some sense of the rays + syllables


Also I kinda see letters in the painted bits, I wonder if anyone else does? looks like an h in the sun, a p in the green shirt, an n in the purple one and a b in the bit blue one?? maybe I’m just seeing things, it’s late