Pinterest Boards

Rather than clog up another thread, or duplicate a site… A thread for sharing Pinterest boards.

My library board - aka snapshots from the Thornmouth Guild House

When I eventually implement some of these, I promise to share the results.

Anyone else have boards that they think channel a guild or guild house?

Disclaimer: Pinterest is an addiction, beware the site and the hours you will loose to its tricksy scrolling.


I have a simple “things worth knowing” board that is literally just for life hacks or interesting, obscure facts that come across my pinterest feed. You never know when you’re going to need them.

(I’m a new Thornmouth by the way)


Most of my boards are for story inspiration to help me visualize when I’m worldbuilding. I’ve always found clothing hard to describe and Pinterest is very helpful in that regard.

But I have this Magic and Dreams board that I think folks would appreciate. And the stout of heart can brave my Middle-earth nerdery board! :sunglasses: (Much Silmarillion humor…)