PG-13 Anime Recommendations

Any old or new anime’s people like, I’d love to hear about them all.


My first and most favorite anime is sword art online, its about a boy who ends up trapped inside a virtual world for two years and must complete all one hundred floors to escape. He encounters many challenges and friends along the way and also loses a few as well. I’ve watched all the current seasons and can’t wait for the next.


Cowboy Bebop.

It’s the only anime that I can say “watch the English dub” with a full and sincere face.

Set in the future of our solar system the crew of the Bebop are inter-planetary bounty hunters, “Cowboys”.

What sets the dub apart from the original Japanese is the way the main character, Spike, is portrayed.
Here we have a man with a chequered past he’d rather leave behind living in the moment.
He’s loose and happy-go-lucky until he becomes ultra-serious. This is handled so naturally in the English dub that you barely notice it, but in the original Japanese this translates as Spike being two wildly different characters.

For a series set off-Earth it is well grounded, and you will come to learn and love these characters and their individual nuances.

If you don’t feel like like diving straight into the series then by all means watch the movie first. I converted many people who turned their nose up at anime with it.


A couple I’ll throw in here, though I’m not sure if they 100% qualify as anime, are Winx Club (I prefer the rainbow co.'s original recording) and RWBY

Winx is about fairies and witches and love and friendship and magic girls and it’s fluffy and sparkly and easy to watch.

RWBY I’ve only watched a few episodes of (so if it’s not PG-13 in later episodes, let me know and I’ll remove the rec) but it’s magic-warrior-battle girls based on color theory/elements.

I have an aesthetic. I know what I like :crystal_ball::fairy:


Cracks my knuckles because ooh boy here we go: it’s hard to find pg-13 anime. For some reason when I try to google the age ratings it gives me review ratings, and as nice as it is to see if an anime is 4 stars or 5, that doesn’t much help me. So I’ll recommend things I watched and enjoyed when I was younger and hope they’re alright ;; :blossom:

Fruits basket. Whether you read the manga, watch the old anime or watch the reboot, it’s a soft and touching story that will make you go “aww!” But also “aww…” In equal amounts. Soft, sad, and ever so sweet.
There is partial nudity, but convenient hair, smoke, etc always covers up anything important, and it never lasts long, because, spoiler alert (they turn into animals, so when they turn back they don’t have clothes on, but their clothes are almost always nearby so they can get changed)

Tokyo mew mew. It’s magical girls! It’s cute! It’s about endangered species and saving the environment, and the lead gal has pink hair and cat ears! You really can’t go wrong with this one. The costume design is a bit dated but that’s probably my only criticism. It’s energetic, vibrant, and full of hope, exactly what you want in a magical girl anime!!

Shugo Chara. Also technically magical girls (and boys this time!), In this anime people can be transformed by the power of their dream selves… And some people (the main character, for example) have more than one! Whether your dream is to dance, to play music, to snowboard, or even just to be a cat, so long as you still have hope in your heart for it to come true, you can be magical too! It’s a story about growing up, potential, chasing dreams and loving your friends!

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Now, if you’re watching this one, I also recommend you watch Cardcaptor Sakura, and xxxholic (I know that title seems odd but trust me it’s just about a shop that grants wishes, nothing rude) because the characters in these two anime are in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles! It’s bittersweet but full of action and emotion. It does play a bit too heavily on the damsel in distress trope, but it’s good fun nonetheless!

If I remember correctly, most of the other anime I was into when I was 13 was absolutely not pg-13 so I’ll have to leave it here until i remember some more good and safe ones, but yep! Hope you all have fun with these! :blossom:


So my personal favourite anime is Hetalia. The show itself is great! The basic synopsis is every country is personified, and they all have to work together throughout history. It’s lighthearted, funny, and enjoyable- but be warned.

Do NOT (please please I’m begging you) Don’t deep dive into the fandom. I used to be really into it, and it was my first anime so it hold a special place in my heart, but the fandom is the most hateful and toxic place I have ever encountered in my personal life. But the show itself is quite adorable and fun!


If your requirements are an english version, easy to access, only one season to binge, then my nephew watches a show called Monster House on Netflix that I would classify as anime and it is definitely family friendly. I was surprised because the older kids ended up liking it as well and would sit and watch. It’s sort of about some kids hunting ghosts and like the power of friendship?


I’m looking for any language. And im hoping to get multiple seasons. Right now I’m getting caught up on hunterxhunter.


I guess probably

“Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon”. Yes, its a crap name, yes, its frickin amazing. The storylines all flow well, characters all get relatively decent development, and it doesnt get too fan service-y, usually even if it does show up cough hotsprings cough, theres usually plot development to accompany it no matter what. The main character is your typical underdog with a crazy op power, but its been 3 seasons and he STILL hasnt learned to use said power properly, and still refrains from using it too much, relying on his own skill. The world is interesting, albeit a little dull in places, and lore is constantly cropping up in unexpected places. All in all, a decent choice.

Helpful fox senko is a good slice of life anime. Its got a little more fanservice in places so beware that but for the most part its relatively cute, with a main focus on making the watcher grin and smile as they sit and watch the daily lives of the cast.


Given is… well, its a lot more mature thematically but its another good slice of life drama about a band and in particular the daily lives of the lead guitarist and vocalist. The anime HEAVILY leans on real life, and all locations in the show are real places you can actually go! It teaches some REALLY good tips for guitar and vocal work, and i highly recommend it. The drama is gripping, too, and tends to leave you uncomfortable but still at the edge of your seat, waiting for whats to come.

I guess finally id recommend easily in my top 3 animes ever, barakamon. It follows the story of Seishu Handa- a calligrapher, who as a punishment from punching another famous calligrapher is outlawed to a small island. As a city boy will Seishu be able to adapt to his new environment?