OwlCrate Monthly(ish) Unboxings

So! A while back I did an unboxing for the Illumicrate Grisha Box in which I mentioned a subscription to OwlCrate. For those of you who aren’t familiar, OwlCrate is a bookish subscription service that sends one YA new release and a handful of bookish goods based on other books that are related in theme or tone to the main book. When you sign up, you choose each month if you want to get the next month’s box, based on a teaser about the book and the included other fandoms. A couple weeks after the boxes arrive, OwlCrate runs unboxing Instagram challenges so people can show off the things in the box.

I’ve gotten 3 regular OwlCrate boxes so far, with another one coming this month, and I figured there might be some interest on this forum too! And I’d love to share exciting new books and bookish artists…so, kicking this thread off, I have my April unboxing!

This month, the book was “Wicked Saints” by Emily A. Duncan. It’s the first book to a new trilogy that sounds a little bit dark but very exciting! The box included this gorgeous altered cover for the book, a Grishaverse scarf inspired by the Darkling, Six of Crows socks, a Throne of Glass notebook, a pin banner celebrating OwlCrate’s switch to enamel pins, and a Vicious-inspired pop socket. They also included the book map printed on a silk handkerchief, which was a very classy touch.


OwlCrate posts a set of creative photo prompts for the Instagram challenge, so I might pop back in with one of those if I end up taking one I particularly like. If not, I’ll see you in a couple weeks with the May box. After that, these probably won’t be monthly updates…but if there’s a theme that catches my eye and I get the box, I’ll keep you all posted here!