Oracle's Personal Journal

Hello everyone, seems I am fashionably late to this trend.
My name is Oracle, I joined the forums back during the first phase of TMP in 2016. I attend a highschool for creative writing in New Orleans, which in recent years has taken much of my creative time away from the forums. However, weeks out from graduation I look forward to putting back more of my creative endeavors into this community and the magical place it has grown into.

  • My pronouns are she/her/hers
  • In college I will be majoring in Anthropology with the goal of becoming a museum curator, a passion I believe I picked up during my time in the world of AGP.
  • Eraverane-bearing Gossmere (with a tattoo to boot)
  • Trying my best to learn Basque and can speak a little french.
  • My dream weekend is driving with a few close friends out of the city to go camping and stargazing.

The tattoo (inkoath?). A bit of gossmerim medicine to carry with me.


Inkoath! I love that so much!


For my next Inkoath, and personal practice of magiq, I have been hunting down any healing sigils or symbols that may be lost or yet to be uncovered choreomantic marks. If anyone has any suggestions I would be more than appreciative !