Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm

This amazes me - a spell we cobbled together over the course of literally minutes was able to briefly stun the Storm. This thing is one of the most powerful magiqs I think we’ve encountered as of yet - and we were able to repel it for a moment. Imagine what we could do if we had time to prepare, and more than a handful of us were working in concert.

Mounties, I think we have a chance against this thing. Should we begin some preparations?


Operation Storm Wall?


We could make a couple of spells based off out first one. And make then various strengths and/or and alarm?


It would be nice to come up with some sort of charm connected to the new spell for the mounties to carry with them.


I was just thinking this over again - we’re already apparently pretty well shielded from the Storm by the Council of the 18 Gates.

Should I have titled this thread “Offense Against the Storm” instead - we can come up with a spell or ritual to repel the Storm when it crops up, for example if it tries to pull something again on Deeds and Cole?


I like that name better, it feels like we are actually doing something to stop it, which we are. I say go ahead and change it!


Agreed. I know we’ve been really cautious about using magic since we’ve found out that it’s so limited in this world. However, since Deeds and Cole don’t seem to have the same protection we do, I think having something on hand in case of future run-ins with the Mountie-eating maelstrom of evil is now a priority. Deeds can’t stay in Neithernor forever, after all, and if we can do something to help keep the two of them safe, we absolutely should.

So, it looks like the last spell created a sort of…beacon, I guess?..Anyway, what do we think did that? And how can we make it even more powerful?


Easy enough. Just add more people. The more we having working on this the stronger it should become.


I think it was a type of Figuration magiq, since it grew out from snippets of unrelated story quotes brought together towards a single purpose. If that’s the case, then we don’t need to worry about using up any reserves of magiq.


Like an object to carry with you at all times?


Yeah. An amulet or something.


How about an enchanted vacuum cleaner?


For home Storm removal use!


In today’s episode of Why My Family Thinks I’ve Joined A Cult: Chanting over the vacuum cleaner!


But really guys, we could all make little charms. I think that’s a good idea and it might make like an ongoing spell or something


I’m not sure we need defensive charms, given we’re all under the Council’s protection already.

We need to work out a ritual using Figuration Magiq that we can use to rebuke the Storm if it decides to move against anyone who isn’t under the Council’s guard, like Deeds and Cole.


So, some kimd of weapon, rather than a charm. We defend through saving our allies?


Ive been thinking for a while and we know that the Storm takes away memories so maybe we can use our collective memories of everything we have done here, all the good times we’ve had and make a offensive/defensive spell to over power the storm. I’ll have to do a bit more thinking on this as its not 100% fully thought out, i just wanted to get it down before I forgot it.


I was thinking of telling a tale of heroism - like standing up to a school yard bully or some other allegory to what we are facing down in the Storm. Casting the spell would be like punching the bully in the nose - it may not get rid of the problem forever, but it will show the Storm we are far from a group of rare book enthusiasts these days. We could try to incorporate our most positive moments from the past year into the tale, either directly or through analogy.

Let’s make a list of the things or times we’re most proud of as Mountaineers. We can use them to craft the telling of the spell!

The moment I’m most proud of was when we rallied together right after finding fragment 12. We we’re dealt with some heavy losses, but we didn’t back down. We trusted the flow of magiq and have found our way through the thirteenth and fourteenth fragments together as a group.


So we’re trying to work memories of Basecamp into the story of the spell? Oh man, I have a hard time choosing, and I haven’t been here that long!

A favorite moment for me is when the Chronocompass was first unlocked. After days of staring at Sullivan’s message and not being sure where to go next, seeing that thing spin was the giddiest I’ve felt in years (and we weren’t even sure what it would do!)