On The Topic of Reemerging Memories

Hey friends,
I have interesting story I thought I would like to share.

So I recently stumbled across this whole world and being that I’m new here, I’m doing my best to get caught up.
I’m breaking up my reading sessions by roaming around the forum and I came across a hippocampus pin on the pin thread. When I did I suddenly, and vividly, remembered an interaction I had a summer or two ago.

So I was at my workplace in Seattle, (let’s avoid any specific details/brand, so I’ll just say it’s the Willy Wonka of coffee) and a guest comes in from the convention down the street.
I remember seeing the pin and commenting that it was a cool hippocampus pin.
She asked if I knew what it was. To which I replied that yes, it is a mythical creature and hippocampi are one of my favorite.
She shook her head and asked if I knew what it was from.
Of course I didn’t, but do remember asking from what.
Now I don’t remember the reply, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact I didn’t remember that pin or this interaction at all until I started reading about memory shenanigans in the Monarch Papers today. Also was a little annoyed because I could have been a part of this community since then, but somehow never followed up or remembered.

So that’s it for my story,
But since memories being lost/erased and regained seems to be a theme at the point I am at in the books at the moment, I was also hoping someone else also had a story to share.

Anyone else have a interesting experience with a reemerging memory?

(Also sorry if this is already a topic somewhere. I didn’t see it anywhere but I am still learning my way around, so easily could’ve missed it. )


Whoah! I wonder which Mounty you met?! That’s amazing!


I’ve been on the lookout for little Hermans since I found the forum. No sightings as of yet, but I’m hopeful. I have had the hippocampus as a symbol in general following me around for years, though. I used it as the heraldry for my wedding banner in 2017, so when I saw it involved in the Monarch Papers it was a nice familiarity.

(I’m also in the Seattle area by the way…hello!)


Woah, that’s amazing! We actually have a Mountaineer on the forums who lived in Seattle at that time, I wonder if it’s her? :eyes:

I can’t say I have any memories like that, sadly. Tho I do often get people talking to me when I wear my Herman merch (esp the shirt). I don’t think anyone ever came to the forums because of me though. :sweat_smile:


It’s almost like those old "missed connections " pages of newspapers.

You: Person who was buying coffee and wearing a hippocampus pin
Me: The hipster that sold you said coffee with the handle-bar moustache.
Seeking you out to talk more about a world of Magiq
All jokes aside, it would be pretty awesome if that person is still actively involved.


If it’s who I think it may have been, the mundane may be keeping her a bit busy at the moment.


I can confidently say, there is also a site called Magistream, in which you play a mage who adopts and raises magical creatures. One of the first creatures you’ll catch in this world is a hippocampus, of which there are four varieties (as of the last time I visited my account, which was around five years ago…)



I’m deep into Cosmos & Time, where DG went to underground Montreal.

I just remembered something that happened when I was in high school, sometime between fall '99 and '02.
Gathered in my bedroom, my sister, two or three cousins, and I played a game, something like the Korean version of ouije(sp?), only it was supposed to put us specifically in contact with our guardian angels. We only did it for maybe fifteen minutes, no more than twenty, and then forgot about it the rest of the night.
The next morning I heard knocking in my bedroom. Knocking that no one else could hear, not my sister or any of my cousins. I don’t recall it ever repeating, but that memory has always stayed with me. Forgotten, perhaps, in the intervening years, gathering dust. But there still.


“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” -The Book of Revelation, Ch.3, vs.20


I remember when I was a kid and living in N. Fort Myers, FL I had a strange dream that filled me with a feeling of “magic” and wondering.
The street we lived on was a cul de sac(although we just called it a circle). I dreamt that I went out side at either dusk or dawn. I went out to the asphalt of the circle and I had or found some strange device that, when stuck into a crack in the road, “tore the air” in front of me and it was like a passage to another world or dimension. All I remember seeing through the tear was just a bunch of colors like you would see in a hologram or in the sky at dusk just after the sun disappears under the horizon.
Fast forward to many years later, I remember sometime in my adult life having a dream that I was in some small “vehicle” in space with a few of my family members I think.
I remember seeing those same colors everywhere. It seemed that everything, including us, was made of them. Then this phrase kept playing in my mind:
A new way of doing things by doing them without doing them”.
When I woke from the second dream I had a feeling that I learned something that gave me great joy, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I couldn’t remember what I had learned.
All I remembered was the phrase…


do half forgotten memories of dreaming I was in a dream dreaming I was Dreaming of being lost in a dream like world where a lush green meadow turned into a forest, and I felt like I had been searching frantically for something just out of my reach with a feeling that If I didnt catch it, it would dissapear forever?