On our purpose as Mountaineers

So in what we are doing here as Mountaineers, discovering arcane and world changing truths, has it occurred to any other members to question exactly why we are doing this? Weaving lore of our guilds and building this community are very fine things to do, but given my fictional knowledge of this type of situation: is anyone else not curious if some in this society plan to use what we discover to their own ends? I’m not trying to sow seeds of doubt, however, dark magics can leave a destructive path in their wake, as is evident in the changing of the world’s history.


What we generally agree we are seeking to uncover here is the truth. The truth around what happened in our past.

There will always be those who seek to use any truth for their own gains. That doesn’t mean the truth shouldn’t be uncovered. In fact that makes it even more important to reveal the truth to everyone.

Some will use what we find for good. Some for ill. Most will just get on with their lives somewhere in between. Just like humans always have. I don’t really find that as something to worry about, myself.


It seems pretty clear to me that many with evil intent already know the truth, and know a great deal more about it than we do. They’re the ones who hid it in the first place. It’s clear that throughout most of human history, people firmly believed in magic. Most “uncivilized” people of the world still do. And in ways most people sense but don’t really understand, the civilized world is reeling from the loss. That’s where the new age movement came from, and the rapidly growing interest in conspiracy theories. People individually, desperately, and often misguidedly, trying to remember things we have collectively forgotten.

People with bad intentions have already done horrible things with their knowledge, and continue to do so.
The only thing we can do is educate and empower ourselves as best we can. It is extremely doubtful that no matter what we discover here that we are going to convince the majority of people that magic is real. All we can do is all we can do. And each of us who does come into our power must then decide for ourselves what to do with it.

Why are we doing this? Only you, and everyone else here can answer that for ourselves. Each of us has our own reasons. And only you can decide what to do with what you you learn. Everyone has their own path. Find yours and stay on it. Never stop trying to learn as much as you can, and question everything. That’s perhaps over-simplistic, but it’s the best advice I can give.


The advice is sufficient. You’re certainly correct of the misuses of knowledge; such still occurs today in many facets of politics and spirituality.