Old Woo

On Thursday, my bedroom door knocked

It wasn’t a pattern I knew, but I knew it would open

A snowy mountainside

Endless pine to the ever-changing sky

Old Woo lifted her head

“One more hike?”

Her old legs don’t stand strong anymore

Her hearing’s going too

But she got up in her unhurried way

And bumped my hand with her head

She walked to the threshold, her nose in the air

Her wise eyes said “don’t follow”

I shook my head

The cold bit my nose and the door burned my hand

Old girl turns back, happy and strong

Neithernor is my home now

Don’t be afraid

This door isn’t yours, but listen on the wind

When you’re alone in the tower look to the shadows

I’ll be there under the stairs

When you’re alone on the plains follow my tracks

We’ll run to world’s end

When you’re scared in the forge feel for my touch

I’ll guard you in the dark

When you’re losing your balance reach out

My back is stronger now

When you’re blind in the fog listen to my voice

I’ll sing until you’re safe

When you’re cold in the forest focus on me

I’ll guide you home

Just call my name and I’ll come for you

I belong to the wilds now, but I’ll always know your voice

In Memory of Loulou
2004 - 2019



I know the poem isn’t my best work but I’m not in my most inspired state. If anyone sees my old girl in Neithernor let me know, okay?


A beautiful, beautiful tribute. :purple_heart:


“Not your best”

It’s beautiful, Sel. :heart:


This is incredible, Sel! A wonderful tribute. May Woo run on in Neithernor forever. :cjheart:


Ohhh. I’m sorry Sel. That’s so beautiful.


I’m so sorry Sel. That was gorgeous. We’ll all miss her. :heart:


I’m so sorry - I remember my family’s dog’s passing away and… it’s a really good poem. Plus don’t judge it quality-wise, it’s your heart and emotions that count here.