New puzzle on Book of Briars site

Has anyone else noticed the puzzle on the site? I can’t seem to find anyone talking about it. It’s a puzzle where you have to pick a word to fill in a sentence. (Like, “Your dog’s name is…” and you choose a word from a long list that appears, which brings you to the next sentence.)
On the site, it also mentions the Forest of Darkening Glass, which I know is another site that I’ve seen mentioned. Maybe the puzzle relates to the site in some way? I’m going to be trying to figure out the correct word combination if nobody else has found it yet, the last time I tried it told me that it was incorrect.


Well found @supernova! No, we haven’t seen this before, it’s new. There’s usually just the image of the book there.
The forest site is a trail gone cold at this point, but we’re keeping an eye on it in case it changes. Kinda like Wonderland, things change so often around here!


Welcome to the Mountaineers @supernova, I’m one of the original members of the current Mountaineers and admin for the forum. Nice find… this must have just showed up. It’s probably related to the current fragment.


I wonder how long that puzzle’s been there. We’ve been so preoccupied, it took a new recruit to catch something like this.


It’s always good to have fresh eyes looking around .


This is probably redundant, but obviously there are too many choices for us to brute force our way through this… time to dig in


My random thought for a Thursday morning. (Standard disclaimer: I am not a professional thinker…I just play one on this forum.)

Mostly this is a recap to clarify my brain and see if the thoughts in my head still make sense when written out and exposed to air.

The site seems to tell one path, specifically Brandon’s path, through the Forest of Darkening Glass. The Forest is one of the Unbound Books which based on the fact they are ultra rare and no one remembers them and they tell fanciful stories of a magical place are probably part of the Lost Collection. Forest is a choose your own adventure type story, so no two tellings may be the same.

We know Brandon did a book report on one of the Unbound Books, and although we don’t know which one, I’m willing to wager it was The Forest of Darkened glass. This Forest of Darkened Glass Book Report, or the Glass Report if you will, is probably what we’re looking for which will recount his particular path through the story which will lead us along his ‘path’ to the fourth fragment.

And…I’ve just derailed my thought process because I’ve gone to look at the site an suddenly I can’t get to /theforest page. shakes his fist at the sky

Anyway…I think there are 3 answers on the page I’m willing to bet on.

-Dogs name is likely Brin (@Leigha) had that idea.

-Animals that can talk. Deirdre once talked about her dad reading her a story as a child about ‘Caterpillows’. Orvin mentioned he was surprised she remembered that story, meaning it’s probably another of the Lost Collection, or perhaps even the Forest itself. I vote for them to be in this story.

-The forest at the end covers itself in something to protect itself. Well, this is call the Forest of Darkened Glass, so I vote for glass being the answer.


I just tried to get back to the site too, and no such luck. We might need a little more information before we get back there anyway, maybe this is a good thing so we aren’t focusing so much on that and we can focus on some of the other things going on


It’s back up, just a little different. Just go to and “do you like this website?” pops up, click yes and then it will start asking the same questions as before. It’s a little glitchy though right now - I got to one part where it said “do you like this website?” and my options were Stan Lantern and No lol

EDIT: seems that it is gone again - the book is probably just trying to prepare itself for whatever is coming next. I took a screenshot though.