New Product: The Ackerly Green Enamel Bookmark

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New Product Announcement!

I can’t tell you just how excited I am for you all to see what just launched in the shop!

I’ve been working on these behind-the-scenes with our pin manufacturer since last fall, and I’m proud to say the official Ackerly Green Bookmark is now live in the shop for pre-order!

What started as a weird little idea I had, became a hacked together mockup I sent to my pin guy in October:

Which then became a project we spent two months perfecting, turning it into a real product design:

Which finally became an actual product that just arrived from the other side of the world!

Never lose your place in the story again.

“Whether you’re diving into the books of the Briarverse or whittling down your 2021 reading list, this beautiful, high-polish enamel bookmark, featuring the Ackerly Green logo and Herman the Hippocampus mascot, will keep your spot in style, and unlike paper bookmarks (and receipts and envelopes and post-its) this metal and enamel keepsake will last for years of reading.”

The Ackerly Green Enamel Bookmark is made of hard-enamel gold charms with purple/aqua accents connected by a 3-inch chain in a matching gold-tone finish.

We have a limited batch of 100 bookmarks, and they’re available pre-order now for $12.50! (And Briar Society members get an additional 15% off.)

I’ll start fulfilling them as soon as the Imbolc candles and Briar Society coins go out this week!

Aren’t they beautiful?!


Already ordered. Obviously. :cjheart:


I just realized I made the boneheaded decision to release two items a week apart that could have shipped together and saved you shipping fees, so if you plan on ordering the bookmark this week and already ordered the Briar Society Relic Coin, I’ll refund the shipping for one once they both ship.

:grimacing: sorry about that.


Agh its so pretty!


These amazing…
I pre-ordered both. Don’t come at me.


I did too. Who can resist? They’re all so magiqal!


This is a little “inside baseball” but this bookmark, in less than 24 hours of being live, is already our biggest selling small item in the store. I’m stunned. Thank YOU all so much. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on them!