New Patreon Tiers!

Hey mounties! Below is a working draft of the new Ackerly Green Publishing reward tiers for Patreon! I tried to focus on making each tier exciting on its own, with a bunch of brand new experiences and insider access. I would love your thoughts, and also ideas for tier titles, which will now AUTOMATICALLY carry over to the forum!

(Also, all rewards for previous tiers, like the AGP artifact and remaining exclusive merchandise will be fulfilled even after the new AGP reward tiers take effect in October.)

$1 -

  • Access to Patreon feed which will include weekly, in-depth behind-the-scenes blog posts by Devin, our AGP assistant.

$5 -

  • All above rewards.
  • Access to the patron-only Forum category with regular posts and updates by CJ Bernstein.
  • Access to Ackerly Green’s Secret Instagram Account.

$10 -

  • All above rewards.
  • Early access to AGP podcasts and videocasts, including The Making of The Monarch Papers series.
  • Access to the patron-only Discord channel, The Ackerly Green Round Table, with live chats and voice hangouts where you’ll get early insider hints and can even help shape the MAGIQverse. We may ask for feedback and opinions on our future plans, talk about what you’re reading, what you’re playing, or discuss elements of the MAGIQverse narrative in a more focused, and preplanned environment.

$20 -

  • All above rewards.
  • Early Access to the Monthly Hangout and/or access to the After Party.
  • A Monthly 15% Book Shop Discount.

$50 -

  • All above rewards.
  • You’ll be able to watch select AGP Podcasts Recorded Live - and participate in a post-podcast Q&A/Discussion after. Be a part of our podcasts and watch them live and unedited!

$100 -

  • Ackerly Green’s Monthly Merch Club, where you’ll vote on and receive an exclusive piece of top shelf merchandise that isn’t available in the book shop EVERY MONTH. It could be a limited shirt, mug set, framed print, or even limited, tier-only book editions! You’ll help shape the catalog of products in the Book Shop and get your hands on merch months before it’s available! ALSO, one random patron in the other tiers will also receive each month’s merchandise.