New DG Post: What To Do

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DG has been getting headaches while reading her volume of The Monarch Papers. She chalks it up to exhaustion or frustration but who knows at this point? She posted more from the journal and the passages look they could be useful–


We’ve never had the option of telling DG what’s going on before. Now we might. I’m not saying we should just have Cole info dump everything immediately… but at what point do we start getting concerned enough with her frustration and start trying to help her with her concerns? It seems harsh to withhold info she wants so badly, even if she wouldn’t necessarily believe it immediately.

Just making a topic for discussion.


I would definitely be for bringing DG into the fold. We have information (like what the fox and chicken story means) so we could alleviate some of her frustrations. I think it would be worth it for Cole to mention us and see if she would like our help.


On the one hand I absolutely agree, that it would be very usefull for us and Deeds, if we inform her. On the other hand, she than will discover the King Rabbit stuff and maybe will be even more worried or in worst case angry at us, for not warning her …
But I would lean towards telling her the truth anyway.


I just noticed. Cole is capable of posting comments on Deed’s blog. They’re had a conversation on there over the weekend. Sorry, Cole, not trying to be weird here. It’s just very interesting that SOMEONE can actually post there.

I’m stalking the mutual stalkers. What does that even make me?