New DG Post: The Tunnel

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“The closing of a circle.”


“all I’ve gathered in the stick over these years” so that explains a lot


So the stick holds all of his what, knowledge? Items? Maybe someone should ask Deidre if she could try to open the stick and see what’s inside.


So ive never hear of “inksworn” what do you reckon it means?

Edit: “Must I be inksworn? Yes, that’s the word. The one they were afraid to speak. Why? Why did they fear that name?” So who feared the inksworn? The Silver or the Wool?


To me, it sounds like a storyteller. I’m getting an Inkheart/Silvertounge vibe from it.


@Rimor Like almost everything with the Greens, more answers and with them more questions.

As for the tunnel, and the spell sickness she was feeling… I don’t like that she’s up and about so early. I mean the spell we cast was minor and it landed Ricardo in the hospital! Sadly though there isn’t much time for her to recover right now.

Inksworn it sounds… Dark. Perhaps a mantle like Cagliostro or a type of magiq that Sullivan never fully understood. Perhaps it has to do with creators people like me who dedicate themselves to telling stories.


Sullivan mentioned in a previous entry about Monarch’s Mountain being afraid to name or talk about some aspect of figuration magiq, so I guess Wool…


Well then that places sullivan in a grey area (get it?)! Feared by the Wool and hated by the silver


So we know that it was Wool that was afriad? Or do we think both wool and silver feared that?

On the other hand this could be another dark power the silver refuses to leave be.
(Also in hardcore research mode at this point.)


Come bury your nose in books and notes and rampant speculation with me.


tugs tinfoil hat over brow
Lets do this!


It’s either a TARDIS, a bag of holding, or some kind of magiq magnet.


I think he was storing magiq inside it so he could try and do figuration magiq.


Can it be all 3? I like all three.


appears in a puff of smoke
Did someone say…rampant speculation? :joy:

Anyway. I wonder if spellsickness is an effect of borrowing and returning the magiq around us? Like, here directing magiq and then returning it creates a temporary imbalance somehow, but in Neithernor, where magiq is plentiful and everywhere, the imbalance goes away? Do we know whether any adepts who use wrought magiq experience it?

And about these “inksworn”…well, they sound like part of the reason no one talks about figuration. I was thinking that the “they” Sullivan was talking about were the members of Monarch’s Mountain, or whoever kept these records he learned from, who refused to use the true name for figuration. Major figuration…did Sullivan want that power, to create new magic? Or for something else? I could see people fearing that kind of power on its own, but if it was used for something darker…eugh. I want to think of magiq, especially creating it, as something bright and positive and full of wonder. But then, I suppose there’s even a dark side to wonder. You can be awestruck by terrible things as well as beautiful ones.


we Need a coven.
we need and Ending.
We need a story.

I think “Inksworn” means someone to be bound to the story. Or the writers of that story. someone bound to the book, to the story taking place. the ones who mediate and moderate. Those who make and destroy with only a few short lines on a page. This power is terrifying, because it is so huge and full of unknowable potential.
That even the slightest change in their words can mean the end of everything. They speak, with power and magiq in their words, and tell the story of the ages. They are the Speakers of the Story’s Will.

I’m ready for what may come.