New DG Post: The Six Books

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Part of me knew this is where it was leading. All of this.


Am I going to have my Mountaineer card taken away if I admit I really don’t understand the significance of this?

Edit: Removed probably unimportant questions.


@Robert I am sure Deeds will fill us in, this is beyond monumental and I imagine it’s going to take awhile to process. For now I hope she is resting.


Volume 1 of the lost collections being found is huge.


ROBERT PUT THAT BACK RIGHT NOW! I was trying to read it! :joy: No questions are unimportant “he said she should never ever apologise for being curious”


Yeah robert, jeez


So what is the significanse of a book you cant remember? “the story passed through her eyes as she read it, off her tongue as she spoke, and she later found nothing stayed inside her. Not the title or the characters or the places.”

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For newer Mounties…

This is what we early mountaineers have been looking for most of our lives. I always believed Ackerly Green’s Guide to MAGIQ was a supplement to the Lost Collection. We’ve talked about that now and then. And now we know what the Lost Collection is… A series of children’s books. These are “The Briar Books” some people have vague memories of.

I, for one, am happy to know what they are. And part of me is feeling some sort of… resonance? I don’t know how to feel right now.

Ascender thought (and I believed) that all of history was changed to hide the Lost Collection from the world. Something in them was worth hiding or destroying. I don’t know if it was The Storm or The Silver or something else, but for some reason they had to be hidden. And then The Book of Briars showed up, promising (we assumed by the cover) to tell the truth of what happened to them if we opened it. We know what they are now. And if we succeed in opening the Book, maybe we’ll know why they vanished.

With all the puzzles and riddles and loss it was easy to forget what all of this was originally about.

I’m so happy to share this with all of you, but I wish Ascender was here. And Itsuki.


We all wish they could be here with us, this is… this is big.
But we have eachother, and I am so thankful that I found this amazing family and that we are all here to find this together.



I don’t know what to say…
I’m at a loss for words.


Maybe all the books have to be read in order for the true meaning/purpose to be reviled?


She found the Little Red House! This is it! This is incredible!


I wanted to elaborate on my point after some time to contemplate. Just so it’s not thought I’m being a curmudgeon too much.

I’m happy we’ve found a book in the Lost Collection. I’m thrilled Deeds found a connection to her dad that’s happy. It’s just we’ve uncovered a world of hundreds, probably thousands of years of altered history, or at the very least shadow history that’s been going along side us.

We’ve had mer-people living in Staten Island

Magical British soldiers levitating liferafts to safety away from u-boats.

Women who make living paintings you can enter.

People who can send messages via journals years after their deaths.

The previous Cagliostro alone is centuries old, and he wasn’t even the first one.

Hot, brainy pirate women who can make illusions of burning down libraries.

We’ve had notes about royal houses that became guilds.

We found a story about a child born in colonial times who became a fairy king (or ambassador, it’s been a while since I read it.)

The hugeness of the history that has been wiped away and/or hidden from us is so significant that…I admit I don’t full grasp the meaning of finding a single book published in 1955.

That’s not to say it’s not cool. It is cool. I’m thrilled, @Endri that Deeds is holding a living, readable version of what you remember. It’s validation that you and Ascender were right. That’s great. What you’ve been searching for is real, and we can find it. I get that.

I guess, I was hoping to get my thousands of years of history back is all. :wink:

But hey, baby steps. Maybe the book is a key to all that. I’ll stop worrying about step 105 while we’re on step 8. :slight_smile:


Same to all of that @Robert. We now know the what. If we somehow manage to open The Book maybe we’ll learn the why. And I have to believe that someday all of this might lead us to how. How we might bring some, or all, of that world back.

I’m with you. I wanted an answer. And I got one. Along with a dozen new questions.


Sullivan made allusions to the Little Red House containing everything we need to finally put this all to rest. I think it’s more than just the first book of the Lost Collection. I can’t wait to hear what it contains, how it can help us finally stop the Silver, the Storm and open the Book of Briars!


And really, what would be the fun in having all of our questions answered? What’s life without something new to search for, to discover? I want to spend the rest of my life learning everything I can about magiq, doing everything I can with it to make the world better. I think a lot of us here (even newer Mounties like me) have felt that opening the Book would be some sort of ending, and in some ways, that’s true. But really, if…no, when we manage to open it, I’m hoping it will mean more beginning than ending. Every answer we find about magiq leading to more questions, revealing a little more, but also showing us how much we can still discover.