New DG Post: The Sea

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Look like she’s gonna do it. So what happens next?


I wish she knew how much we care about her. If she feels alone she will always have a home here…
let’s see how things play out.


I can’t even comprehend what’s going through her mind right now. It’s got to be tough.

I mean, when I was 26 I learned my parents didn’t really take the cat I had when I was 6 ‘to a farm’. What’s she’s going for is many, many, many orders of magnitude bigger.

Is anyone else a bit concerned about what this means for what we’re doing? Don’t get me wrong I’m 1000% behind Deidre being freed from this prison she’s in. But, what if the Book was only talking to us because it couldn’t reach her? What if Deidre just sees us as her dad’s lackeys? The only reason we found many critical details is because she didn’t think anyone was even reading her blog.

I know the only answer anyone can have is ‘let’s wait and see’. Just throwing my thoughts out there.


Thinking about a lot of this, too. :worried:


Looks like it worked. All our comments have appeared on her blog.

Edit: Btw, it occurs to me a perfect place to hide the 8th fragment would have been in her comments. That way they’d only appear if we, and she, were successful in our spells. Guess it’s time to get reading.

2nd Edit: Hole in one: Hello world! – Deeds Done


On the first post she ever… posted. Great find, @Robert.
So it’s done. The spell worked.
This feels bigger than I realized it would. This could change everything.


I guess we should say hello? What’s appropriate here? Happy Birthday? (too corny) Welcome to the real world? (too Matrix). hmmmm, maybe something simple


Should we have a dedicated spokesperson so she isn’t overwhelmed? Although, she has probably visited the forums by now. So, hi!


Not sure. She might not want to talk to us at all, or she might want to talk to all of us. Right now I was just aiming for a general community show of support on this big day for her.