New DG Post: The Elusive Mr. Wallace

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ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod…

Everything is happening!

So yes, DG just posted and she gives new information on her father, on Ackerly Green, on the books, and on her future in NYC. Wallace even mentions vaguely meeting Ascender in the 90s and the poem guy just posted another comment there and there is SO MUCH HAPPENING!

We need a wiki!

Massive. Go. Read. Now.

Oh, also? The recruits just solved the second fragment. You’re crushing it, recruits!

Eat it, rabbit!


Hey folks!
DG now has managed to talk to Orvin Wallace, who seems to know some disturbing things about the mental health of her dad and grandmother… He also gives some facts about A&L Printing and the story of her dad in genreal.

And DG remembers the “Hallway Dream” again and references the story of the Ant and the Caterpillar (an Aesop story).

Finally it seems like she will sty in NY for longer :wink:


Thanks for posting this @Crytter! @Eaves just updated the Basecamp blog so I merged your two topics together, but always feel free to post when you find something!


That’s so funny @Crytter, DG’s mentioned the ant a couple times and I thought I knew the story. But I just read the Aesop’s fable you brought up and that’s not the story I (barely) remember. I don’t remember the ant being mean to the caterpillar. For some reason I thought they were friends.


Am I reading too much into this or does

They were fans of books that Ackerly Green had published. Orvin said he didn’t know those people existed. I assumed this was a joke about the lack of sales?

make it sounds like Orvin is aware knowledge of the books were wiped from people’s minds and he’s surprised any still remember them? That might make him an important person in all this.


That’s how I read it, too.

Ooo!! Maybe he had something to do with it which is why he felt responsible for the dad? (I swear I’m not a conspiracy theorist in real life.)